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10 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Z is the Best Manga

It is unusual to find a manga that marks so many people in a single generation. Dragon Ball wrote in the 90s, still continues its story, 30 years later with Dragon Ball Super. Relating the story of the now-famous Son Goku, Dragon Ball ends its success with the incredible odyssey Dragon Ball Z which reveals […]

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Who Is Goku Black: Everything You Need to Know About Him

The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for decades with the manga debuting in 1984. since then it has delivered some of the most iconic villains in Manga/Anime history. From the original Dragon Ball’s Red Ribbon Army and King Piccolo to Z’s many evil villains like that of Vegeta, Freiza, and many others. Great villains […]

top 15 biggest dragon ball super inconsistencies

Dragon Ball Super: Top 15 Inconsistencies That You Probably Missed!

The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for over 35 years and has spawn countless pieces of media from Anime to Manga and even numerous videogames. With such a huge catalog of material, it is not surprising that there have been plenty of inconsistencies discovered throughout the years. The reasoning behind these inconsistencies could be […]

the hyperbolic spirit and time room

What is the DBZ Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball (and also a merchandise addict!), you probably already have some ideas about what the mysterious room of spirit and time is all about. Today we suggest you have a look at what we know about it.

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What order to watch Dragon Ball? [Guide + Episode List]

We know that for newcomers, Dragon Ball can seem to be a bit messy as there are so many episodes. Watching this fabulous saga in the wrong order could have a somewhat negative effect on your experience, or even leave you unsatisfied, but above all to miss essential parts necessary for a proper understanding! In […]

son goku vs naruto uzumaki

Is Goku Stronger than Naruto? Who wins?

We did our best to get a decent answer about this timeless question which is, who’s stronger, Goku or Naruto? We went step by step to finally have our winner!

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Guide of Japanese grammar used in the original manga and animated adaptation of Dragon Ball. An overview of how to talk about the main characters, the terminologies that define the relationship between the various characters and the differences between the manga and the anime.

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New Online Shop for Dragon Ball Z Fans and Amateurs

Hello Dragon Ball Z lovers, It’s an indisputable fact: We are addicted to Dragon Ball Z! We are glad to announce that we have launched our new online shop dedicated to Dragon Ball Z Merchandise. is an online store that sells Dragon Ball Z inspired stuff and DBZ characters inspired goods. SuperSaiyanShop’s mission is simple […]

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