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the hyperbolic spirit and time room

What is the DBZ Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball (and also a clothing and merchandise addict!), you probably already have some ideas about what the mysterious room of spirit and time is all about. Today we suggest you have a look at what we know about it.

Presentation of the spirit and time room

The Room of Spirit and Time, located near where the Almighty lives, is a large room where very little is known about its origins. Only its effects are noteworthy: a year indoors would correspond to a day outdoors. It is also reported that its gravity is ten times denser than that of the Earth. 

In other words, once inside, the individual receives a terrible gravitational pressure before getting used to it to strengthen his body. 

The Room of Spirit and Time is presented for the first time in Dragon Ball Z by Piccolo while Goku was training with the Almighty. Its presentation will be later in the manga (during the preparation of the Cell games). 

The purpose of this room seems quite obvious: to offer extra time for the fighters to train. The conditions being extreme there (gravity in particular), two years inside this room would be equivalent to more than two years in reality. 

On the other hand, the latter also has drawbacks: it is not possible to enter the room more than twice in a lifetime, with each time a period that cannot exceed two days outside. If these rules are broken, the individual is locked in this room forever!

But who are the protagonists who have been able to take advantage of this exceptional training? We’ll tell you! 

The first one in the Spirit and Time room: Goku!

goku enters in the spirit and time room
Goku enters in the Spirit and Time room

Of course! (Note that the training that follows takes place only in the anime). He is the first known protagonist in the Dragon Ball anime to enter the room of spirit and time. He stays there for five months (equivalent to only 10 hours outside). After this relatively short period, Goku’s power doesn’t increase much. On the other hand, his mind gets more powerful. 

Second ones in the Spirit and time room: Vegeta and Trunks (from the future)

goku trunks and vegeta selfie
Goku Trunks and Vegeta Selfie

Preparing for battle, the opponents of Cell are the following to be able to benefit from this intense training: they stay there much longer than Goku the first time: about two years! (48 hours ext.). Following the logic of things, they come out of the room much more powerful than they were when they entered, even managing to surpass the level of Super Saiyan. Result of the races: this training allowed them to compete against Cell semi-perfect and to defeat C-18. 

Third in the spirit and time room: Goku and Gohan 

goku and gohan in the spirit and time room
Goku and Gohan in the Spirit and time room

Following the same goal as Vegeta and Trunks (of the future), Goku and Gohan also stay for two years. They both make significant progress, Gohan learning to transform himself into a Super Saiyan.

Fourth in the spirit and time room: Piccolo 

piccolo time room

Still, to fight Cell, Piccolo follows the same training as the previous ones and comes out of it grown, both physically and mentally.

Fifth in the Room of Spirit and Time: Vegeta 

vegeta time and spirit chamber
Vegeta @ Spirit and Time Chamber

Vegeta goes back there for a second in “solitary” to prepare herself as best as possible, according to the Cell Game. Her power doesn’t increase or not much, justified by the fact that the power of a Super Saiyan doesn’t only reside in brute force. 

Sixth in the Spirit and Time Room: Goten and Trunks

goten and trunks spirit and time chamber
Goten and Trunks @ Spirit and Time Chamber

Following the creation of Buu, Piccolo takes Goten and Trunk to this famous venue to train their fusion. During their long and hard training, they both managed to reach the first three levels of the Supers Saiyans, diversifying their attacks as well. This period also allowed them to devise a plan to beat Buu.


In short, the Room of Spirit and Time allowed many Saiyans to radically fortify themselves before numerous dangers (fighting against Cell, for example). Its origin remains a great mystery, as our current knowledge is limited to the rules that govern it.

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