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son goku vs naruto uzumaki

Is Goku Stronger than Naruto? Who wins?

The game Jump Force recently allowed us to bring Goku and Naruto face to face. However, the balancing is questionable enough for an honest answer. So here is finally a realist and systematic analysis about the subject; Goku Vs Naruto!

Goku Vs Naruto: who wins?

son goku vs naruto uzumaki by darkvader2016 dcv35q1 pre 1024x576 1
Goku Vs. Naruto, Death Battle, Fanart by DarkVadder2016


Our objective is really to carry out an argumentative and systematic analysis of the subject. However, note that it remains entirely based on our (subjective) opinions and our interpretation of Dragon Ball and Naruto. That’s why the comment area is there!

We will compare Goku and Naruto at the best of their form, taking into account what we know so far according to the excellent contents from both sagas.

The comparison will be carried out in 4 rounds:

  • Physical
  • Intelligence
  • Abilities
  • X-Factor




First of all, let’s define what we mean by physical force.

Are we talking about pure physical force in its raw state without increase?

As an example, for Goku, it would be his physical strength in his primary state without transformation (no sorry, Goku Black is not competing!). For Naruto, it would be his physical strength without the use of chakras, therefore Taijutsu.

Or are we talking about physical force where any related capabilities are taken into account? So including Ultra Instinct and Kurama, as an example.

We have chosen the second option. When doing a competition, participants are not asked to use only part of their muscles. They use their full resources and powers.



The Saiyan who grew up on earth is strong, powerful.  We have seen throughout the series that his fists can demolish mountains, even planets. During his state in Ultra instinct, he largely outperformed Jiren; this warrior scared the gods of destruction. They also stood up to applaud on Goku’s power level.

Let us remember that during his exchanges of punches with Beerus, it was noted that the shock waves of their fists were powerful enough to destroy planets. Goku was at the time only in Super Saiyan God.

goku saiyan god
Goku Super Saiyan GOD


In terms of pure Taijutsu, indeed, Naruto is undoubtedly not the most gifted Ninja (although having a more than honorable level). On the other hand, by taking into account its transformations, things are improving drastically. In Rikudo-Kuruma-Sennin mode, Naruto can destroy entire villages and even mountains with physical attacks.

It seems quite weak compared to Goku, but at no time was it said that this was its limit. He could potentially create more destruction if he wanted to. This is even truer since he can develop clones in Rikudo-Kurama-Sennin, which multiplies his capacity for physical damage. Remember that multicloning divides the chakra, but not physical strength.

In any case, with Kurama and the other Bijuus, Naruto’s chakra reserves are almost unlimited. The Databooks clearly explain that the force of Naruto, Madara, and other characters at the height of Kaguya is well capable of destroying planets. The force sealed inside Naruto is mostly capable of reducing the world to ashes.

Kurama Force

kuruma 1
Naruto, Kuruma mode

Physical Winner

Dragon Ball’s inconsistencies have made us a little doubtful here. Indeed, these same characters capable of destroying planets are several times wounded by swords or even bullets. However, it must be recognized that the Saiyan seems to be well above the Ninja in terms of strength.

The winner on the physical level is, therefore, Goku-san!

Goku 1 | Naruto 0



By intelligence, we mean the finesse and the ability to analyze and adapt their approach in a fight.


The Saiyan is not known for his high intelligence. On several occasions, he has shown that he can make smart decisions in combat. Remember his Kamehamehaha- teleportation against Cell. Or his idea of staying in a relaxed Super Saiyan for passive training. It was also Goku’s idea to beam Cell to the Kaio’s planet when he wanted to blow himself up. We could also mention his many plans for the realization of his Genkidamas.

Even if it doesn’t seem obvious, our dear Son Goku is still able to use his brain in combat. But the opposite is also exact. In reality, most of the time, Goku is excessively naive, which often costs him a lot of money and forces his allies to compensate for his faults. There are so many examples that we will not mention them.

goku can t someone else do it hoodie banner
Goku Can’t someone else do it Nike Hoodie


Konoha’s Ninja has progressed enormously at this stage through his adventures. From the beginning, Naruto was often forced to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents to gain the upper hand in his battles. Whether against Haku, Pain, Obito, Madara or even Kaguya, Naruto has always had to use strategy to fight (although he has often been helped by the ingenious Kakashi and Shikamaru).

Also, our dear Naruto is now Hokage, and he is called upon to think and make significant decisions involving the whole village. It inevitably affects his strategic senses of combat.

Intelligence Winner

If there is one department where we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Goku is weaker than Naruto, it is in terms of intelligence. By the nature of his abilities, Naruto is intrinsically obliged to use his brain more than Goku. The winner in terms of intelligence is Naruto.

Goku Vs Naruto: 1-1



By abilities, we mean all the techniques our heroes have under their sleeve to defeat their opponents.


Son Goku has an extensive range of techniques. Between its multiple transformations, the Kamehameha, the Genkidama, the Ultra Instinct, the instant movement, the dragon’s fist, the immobilization (seen in Dragon Ball Super’s Broly movie) and many other things that it often brings us out on the job, it is almost impossible to list all Goku’s techniques in a short article.

Goku’s Transformations

Awesome video made by the Kame’s YT channel, about the Goku’s transformations, be sure to check his channel out!


Kage Bushin no Jutsu! We’ve all tried it in real life! Whether it’s to study for an exam or to watch two Anime at the same time! However, beyond his signature technique, Konoha’s Ninja is not to be outdone.

He also has a wide range of transformations with various attributes, but also multiple techniques such as Rasengan, Rasenshurinken, Bijuudama. Since it has integrated the chakra of all Bijuus, Naruto is also able to control all the elements.

Finally, his orbs of truth also provide him with a powerful ability: to defend against orbs or exceed them, one must use the energy of nature. So Goku’s only weapon against these orbs would be the Genkidama?

Video made by SSJ2’s YT channel about Naruto’s forms and transformation. Awesome work!

Abilities Winner

It’s challenging to find a winner here. Both characters have a lot of techniques under their sleeves.

Here, we will be cowards and say that it is a draw.

Goku Vs Naruto: 2-2



Factor X is anything that does not fit into the other categories. It is this thing that makes you shake with fear (or joy) when you hear his name.


Kakarotto is a fighting genius, that’s obvious. Every time he meets a stronger opponent, he finds a way to surpass himself. He did it against Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Boo, Jiren, and many others.

Also, Goku is getting used to fighting. He likes to fight and meet stronger and stronger opponents. This means that he never stops training and always wants to surpass himself. He is a man who inspires fear even among the gods.


Konoha’s Ninja has continuously grown in power throughout his adventures. He managed to do things that no one had ever done before, such as controlling Kurama and the Bijuus or adding an element to the Rasengan.

He has also achieved total mastery of the Sennin mode. He united all the Ninja villages and managed to gain their trust. No doubt, he’s a great man.

X-Factor Winner

Although Naruto has made great strides in his adventure, time seems to have taken its toll. In Boruto’s early days, his fighting skills seemed less sharpened. Moreover, Naruto has always relied in part on others to demonstrate its strength. Indeed, its potential relies heavily on Kurama and Sasuke, for example.

Moreover, unlike Goku, Naruto never expressed an explicit love for fights. He always fights out of necessity, not necessarily to be the strongest. So factor X will go to Goku!

Goku Vs Naruto: 3-2



There is no doubt that we are dealing with two extremely powerful mastodons who have nothing more to prove. However, in our opinion, if they came face to face in one single round; Goku would probably win.

His love of combat and his constant desire to surpass himself put him above Konoha’s Ninja.

Goku Vs Naruto: Goku Wins!

And you, if you had to choose one of the two to protect the one you love most, which one would you choose?


  1. naruto is weak

    tf guys why are you saying that naruto would clap goku? goku would clap naruto in ssj and if naruto can outpower him he is just going in ssj2 and clap his ass. Than he has transformations like ssj3,ssj god, ssj blue, ultra instinct omen and mastered ultra instinct. so naruto wouldt have a chance against gokul. i watched both animes and i think the anime naruto shippuden is a little bit better than dragonball super. But it clear that goku is stronger without a doupt

    1. Travis hicks

      It make no sense. If naruto got healing power n god power he can also see in other Dimensions . His sage power and karma have the ability to sense his surrounding. And shadow clone that have the same power level . Don’t forget holy died multiple times. Last time from a ray gun .

      1. bru goku would clap naruto in his base form

        1. T.narutomnt32

          not in bayron mode wattc boruto episode 217

      2. goku is a damn god in the manga he can activate mui at will that is some god stuff right there

        1. T.narutomnt32

          heck naruto could go bayron mode and beat gokus ass with out trying

          1. Lol I watched All animes hoku is not that stronge kid nuaroto can beat him in ultra with his All powers or he would draw accuty I am goku fan but I find out he is not stronger then sitama at all and he could draw with nuaroto even he is weak becuase he use ssj blue kayoken 20 to beat the weak guy accutly he is ultra form is good but not best

        2. you are right if you think naruto is winning your an idiot

          1. goku is way stronger you are the idiot

      3. dude you idiot give naruto 20 hits and goku would only have a tiny scratch if he was in only ONLY ssj. Naruto just doesnt have the power force to take out goku plus goku has instant transmission and is faster than naruto

    2. Lol you are kid I watched lots of animes goku ssj 1 and 2 is useless even 3 is useless he use ssj blue to fight the wolf from another universe in series the only thing he have is ultra thing nuaroto can survive 2 m then he would lose but sitama can 1 hit goku in ssj blue kayoken 20 I am goku fan accutly but this is true

      1. Arnav Singh

        yeah no just no goku is stronger everyone here is stupid for saying goku is weaker then naruto base for goku kills naruto up until bayron mode then ssj would clap naruto bayron

  2. naruto is weak

    and naruto fans. Before you say that naruto is stronger than goku: just watch the anime and than you can say something

    1. I’ve watched both and to me in there normal form there a round the same strength but naruto is a bit stronger ssj goku is strainer than naruto in his normal form but as soon as the nine tails eyes come out he’s done but if he used baryon mode on him while he is in ultra instinct I think naruto would win because he would out smart him and but it would be a close ass fight

      1. no the fuck not goku is clapping naruto wtf do you mean naruto is stronger than goku if there both in base in ssj goku beat someone that blow a planet with one finger are you on crack rn

        1. You mentioned all power of Goku , but can you mentioned all power of Naruto , when Naruto enter God mode (and get power from hogoromo )
          Then the battle will never end .. itk after enter God mode Naruto wins . Maybe .

        2. Cool game ron

          Ok I agree Naruto vs goku I gonna use Naruto hokage vs goku
          Term in power goku wins
          Speed I think goku wins
          Practice Naruto wins
          So who wins took but if naurto seal goku that a different story

      2. base form goku clap baryon mode naruto ez

        1. idiot goku fans naruto rules

          bruh he can get above god power from hagoromo and baryon mode is will kick his ass

          shut up idiot the transformation lets assume ki= chakra even in mui form he is showing only feats of narúto’s version 1 tailed form which is atleast 100000000000000000 times weaker than his actual also they are just making it look like it’s strong like breaking universes which by the traits look very boring and low power whereas in actual it is like naruto;s 1 tailed form which won’t break a mountain and comparison of ki or chakra in actual naruto is showing very more ki or chakra so in emitting transformations and power naruto is very high he will one shot goku in six paths sage or sage so wake up goku fans and please understand the truth since naruto is going to one shot break goku’s ass.

          1. boy naruto is weak jus admit it goku trained with an whole angle battled in top and went head to head with someone even the gods were afraid of and you think naruto can beat him your tripping

          2. Cool game ron

            THE fuck idiot
            Goku in his super saiyan blue state will it even states that goku wasn’t using full power maybe Naruto was is not right to compare franchise

          3. Tell you what, look both animations again and see what happens. Just an idiot

        2. Cool game ron

          No he doesn’t he at least need to go to ui But that if Naruto have a limits

      3. he doesnt have the battle power goku would be able to read narutos movements without ui goku is a martial artist and when it comes to fighting hes smarter. Naruto could win if he had 3 months time of free hits and only if goku was a dumbass who forgot what fighting was.

        1. in sage mode also naruto could do that bruh

    2. idiot goku fans naruto rules

      bruh he can get above god power from hagoromo and baryon mode is will kick his ass

      shut up idiot the transformation lets assume ki= chakra even in mui form he is showing only feats of narúto’s version 1 tailed form which is atleast 100000000000000000 times weaker than his actual also they are just making it look like it’s strong like breaking universes which by the traits look very boring and low power whereas in actual it is like naruto;s 1 tailed form which won’t break a mountain and comparison of ki or chakra in actual naruto is showing very more ki or chakra so in emitting transformations and power naruto is very high he will one shot goku in six paths sage or sage so wake up goku fans and please understand the truth since naruto is going to one shot break goku’s ass.

      1. Juju smith

        No it wouldn’t be a close fight, looks like you don’t do your research because I do and I actually read power level comics which are true power levels of every form. Stop watching YouTube bro and actually research real comics and power levels, naruto final for is only 1 thousand lol and goku súper saiyan form is 3 milllion. It doesn’t matter how smart naruto is, naruto would loose badly. But I mean goku would masacre naruto and not even have to go to his final form. But remember it’s 2 different universes. They would never meet. But before you speak get your facts right, You don’t have to insult dragon ball z fans. I love naruto and I know you love naruto too, but facts are facts. Say what you want decent naruto all you want but, it’s just not happening. And don’t cry about it. Speak to me with some proof, and I don’t mean YouTube. Get confirmed power levels like I did from anime comics then you can talk! Then you will see what I’m talking about. Have a great day!

      2. Extremely Biased Towards Naruto, But Goku Still Wins

        Lets compare their power using feats, and compare highballing Naruto characters as to not upset fans of Naruto. ( I myself much prefer Naruto over Dragon Ball ) So Toneri vs. Part 1 Master Roshi is a good comparison to scale this off of because they both have the same feat, destroying the moon. So this means they should be equal, but we will give Narutoverse the benefit of the doubt and highball Toneri saying he his 5 times stronger than Master Roshi. This would put Toneri at a power level of roughly 500, 5 times stronger than Master Roshi’s power of 100. Now we compare Toneri to Naruto. Naruto fought against Toneri at about equal power in the movie. Highballing Naruto’s baryon mode lots and saying it is 100 times stronger than Toneri would put Baryon mode Naruto’s power level at 50 000. Now lets just give Naruto an even bigger boost and say I have been lowballing him this whole time and give him a 50 times power boost. This would put Naruto at a power level of 2 500 000. Base Goku at the end of Namek Saga had a power level of 3 000 000. Lets once again give Naruto the benefit of the doubt here and say he somehow defeats Goku by outsmarting him. This means he has to go Super Saiyan to defeat Naruto. Super Saiyan increases Goku’s power level by 50 times, giving him a power level of 150 000 000. With this new power level of Goku he will defeat Naruto without much difficulty. Then Goku with all of his other transformations down the line such as Ultra Instinct which is thousands of times more powerful than Super Saiyan, it leaves no chnace for Naruto to even contend. In conclusion, a super highballed Naruto can beat a base Goku at the end of the Namek Saga, but gets easily beaten by Super Saiyan Goku and any form beyond that, especially Ultra Instinct.

        Naruto > Base Namek Saga Goku

        Naruto < Super Saiyan Goku

        Naruto < Ultra Instinct Goku

  3. Rias and Akeno would clap their both butts

    1. Sin Than


  4. Nauto and goku lover

    Goku can destroy the earth with his punchwaves. I think naruto can destroy the earth with an rasen shurikken or something. But only the fact that goku can destroy the earth only with his punch waves is incredible. And btw Goku created a whole galaxy only with his power. I think when goku is in base form or in ssj1 it would be an taff fight for both. Naruto is indeed incredible fast and goku would have it very hard. But i think that in ssj2 he isnt that fast like naruto but i think that narutos punches wouldnt care him so much and after time goku would learn and would beat naruto. but no hate to naruto it is an very good anime but the naruto univese is just not that strong like the dragonball universe. All in one goku would win

    1. Well, go to hulu and watch Boruto, legit he is an adult and he released his nine-tailed fox. and his sage mode is legit OP. u honestly thing goku could just clap him dead. its impossible to break narutos chakra and then he could trap him and pull his head off. so without a doubt, Naruto is the winner in a anime battle.

      1. Actually Boruto naruto is weaker than 4 great ninja war Naruto and base dragon super goku beats naruto sage of the six paths idc you can add baryon mode too and goku would still clap him stop overhyping naruto.You need to watch dragon ball before you downplay goku and if you watched dragon ball you need help

  5. wtf naruto fans

    How should goku beat an akatsuki when he isnt in the anime? And can naruto alone beat a god? lets be honest. Even picollo or gohan as a child would clapp narutos ass. Naruto is by far not in the near at gokus power. if goku would be in coma he would beat naruto. Yeah naruto has his tailed beasts so what? Goku has his transformations that are much stronger than narutos tailed beasts. you naruto fans are often trusting in the power of friendship but the hole naruto universe has no chance against goku alone. The power of friendship wouldnt safe naruto against goku

    1. T.narutomnt32

      oh wow my hair can change color and grow fur you are fucking stupid get a grip okay but hey boruto would fuck Videl in bed before gohan knew about it and him laying next to her 4 times and leave before he would wake up.



  6. none yur business

    Shut yur dumb ass up Goku in MUI can wipe all the fucking clone of naruto

  7. Anime Fan is a fucking idiot

    It’s obvious goku absolutely wipes the floor with naruto, as much as I like naruto it’s not even a comparison. Also I read through the comments and couldn’t believe how fucking dumb anime fan is, I wouldn’t doubt if he is 12years old or younger. Also based off the other people saying naruto wins I wouldn’t doubt if it’s the same person behind the anime fan name based off of similar grammar and spelling mistakes. Unless if that’s just a common theme among narutotards

  8. Anime fan is a fucking retard

    Anime fan literally makes up damn near half of the comments and is ignorant af, people like you are why I’m embarrassed to watch naruto

    1. Shut up u r just mad that someone u like don’t like u because u are ugly so ssssssuuuuccccckkkk it

  9. Anime fan

    Goku would win I was messin with y’all

  10. anime fanz

    goku would win

  11. Are yall kidding me, Goku fights with gods and can destroy a universe any time he wants, he can also travel across the universe in seconds, SECONDS, bro can solo the whole naruto verse

    1. goku cannot destroy a universe OR travel it in seconds as it is shown that whis helps goku comes to beerus’ planet

      1. he can if he fought with someone of the same power of him

    2. idiot goku fans naruto rules

      bruh he can get above god power from hagoromo and baryon mode is will kick his ass

      shut up idiot the transformation lets assume ki= chakra even in mui form he is showing only feats of narúto’s version 1 tailed form which is atleast 100000000000000000 times weaker than his actual also they are just making it look like it’s strong like breaking universes which by the traits look very boring and low power whereas in actual it is like naruto;s 1 tailed form which won’t break a mountain and comparison of ki or chakra in actual naruto is showing very more ki or chakra so in emitting transformations and power naruto is very high he will one shot goku in six paths sage or sage so wake up goku fans and please understand the truth since naruto is going to one shot break goku’s ass.

  12. How tf is this a debate…Goku who is a planet buster as a kid going up against Naruto who’s maximum potential is a moon buster. You have to be trolling

  13. dragon ball fan das dunk

    conclusion naruto is c r I n g e

    1. bro dont discourage any anime

  14. Man go f Ur selves

    Why the fuck do u think a person who is called Naruto can beat a person who is called Goku WATCH THE ANIME btw if u watched the whole series U SEE SSG NEARLY DESTROYING THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AND U THINK THIS PUNY KID CAN BEAT A PERSON WHO CAN DESTROY ONE UNIVERSE EXACTLY

  15. If Ur smart

    If Ur smart

  16. Anime fan

    bruh thats fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Naruto Otsutsuki

    Naruto is now an Otsutsuki

    Goku was a great warrior
    We are pained by our loss

    1. anime fan is a fucking idiot

      goku would still clap his ass

      1. idiot goku fans naruto rules

        bruh he can get above god power from hagoromo and baryon mode is will kick his ass

        shut up idiot the transformation lets assume ki= chakra even in mui form he is showing only feats of narúto’s version 1 tailed form which is atleast 100000000000000000 times weaker than his actual also they are just making it look like it’s strong like breaking universes which by the traits look very boring and low power whereas in actual it is like naruto;s 1 tailed form which won’t break a mountain and comparison of ki or chakra in actual naruto is showing very more ki or chakra so in emitting transformations and power naruto is very high he will one shot goku in six paths sage or sage so wake up goku fans and please understand the truth since naruto is going to one shot break goku’s ass.

  18. Now listen here u all Narutards who say Otutsukis are God and Naruto beat them. You know who else is God? KAMI, KING KAI, GRAND KAI, SUPREME KAI. They are all gods. Goku is billions of times stronger than some of them. People say Naruto has pre cognition. Well guess what, PRECOGNITION MEANS NOTHING IF U CAN’T DODGE THAT ATTACK. Side note even goku can predict attacks. The whole Goku VS hot fight was him predictiing attacks that to ahead in time. And to ACE and other ppl ask why hasn’t the universe been destroyed yet, there are reasons. 1. Same fight before universe was destroyed Goku managed to negate the shock waves by attacking with equal power at an opposite angle in the middle of the fight with absolute precision. And people say Goku dumb. 2. The whole premise of God forms is to keep ur Ki in control. SSB could only be accessed when Goku and Vegeta have perfect control of their ki and prevent it from leaking it out of them. That’s why God ki cannot be sensed because there is none leaking out to be sensed.
    Anime Fan I’m not criticising u currently since from the looks of it its extreme sarcasm what ur saying.
    And to everyone saying Naruto is way stronger than Goku, picture the green beast of Konoha, Might Guy. Except he can spam 8th gate of death without any consequences or time limit. Now multiply his power by billions. Now make him fight Naruto. Can Naruto win now.

  19. Ez win Goku ez clap

    1. Cool game ron

      No I wouldn’t say that It states that Naruto vs kaguya was was able to surpass sage of six path no easy task although took will have some scars

  20. gokusolosurfavoriteverse

    Goku is easily multiversal and he doesnt have limits. The fact that people in here think that naruto can beat goku is just plain stupid. Gokus presence could destroy the earth itself. Naruto is maybe star level AP and goku is outerversal. If you think naruto wins then go to therapy.

  21. Random Guy

    I have never watched Naruto but I don’t need to because Goku is just way too powerful and smart for Naruto. I have no idea why people think Goku is stupid when he is not. He is some examples of Goku showing his smarts. Goku predicted Hit’s time-skip by just watching him fight. When fighting Beerus when their punches landed it created a shockwave that could’ve destroyed the universe, but Goku adjusted his arm to nullify the shockwave. He basically invented a technique that subdues a person’s body. He learned the Hakai technique which can only be used by a god, idk how he did this tbh. Also, Goku is way more experienced than Naruto, he’s been fighting guys stronger than him his entire life, and when he is not fighting he is training. Goku is also way faster than Naruto, I saw some people say that Naruto dodged light right in front of him, that’s pretty cool but goku can do that too. In the frieza saga Goku landed on the other side of Namek a planet way bigger than the earth and Goku with one stride reached the other side in an instant. And keep in mind all the feats is stated here are without forms. You know what imma just pull out the Ultra Instinct card. Goku in Ultra Instinct fought Jiren. Jiren’s presence shook the world of void which is stated to be infinite. HOW DO YOU SHAKE AN INFINITE PLAIN. Also the people who think Naruto could just wait out Goku’s UI well in the most recent arc Goku learned how to perfect MUI and now he does not have a timer for MUI.

  22. narutosweet

    naruto will win

  23. commonsense

    soooooo. i barely watched naruto… but any display of his power that i’ve seen simply shakes mountains and destroy’s landscapes. as well as naruto being able to instantly regenerate organs… he LOST that! so even if he did have that ability. what’s the point if yer just going to be disintigrated by a goddamn kamehameha. ALSO goku and beerus’s fight almost completely destroyed the universe they were in… and goku was in GOD FORM! ultra instinct is so much more powerful than that i don’t even know how to calculate it. so stop drooling over your godamn senpai and face the fact that goku would beat the shit out of naruto.

  24. commonsense

    why do we argue about this when we all know chiaotzu (the weakest dbz fighter) would kick all our asses combined. none of u are superior… stop acting like it

  25. Soulxdraco

    Those who think naruto would win you guys are on bloody drugs, goku in his dragon ball super base form power level is 100 trillion while naruto is about 1 million or something

  26. I am tired of this ongoing debate between naruto and goku, I’m just saying naruto at his highest level couldn’t even stand with goku’s Super Saiyan god.

  27. Nah Goku is far more superior in intelligence remember Berrus stated that Goku is a prodigy, in battle IQ, although they both lack common sense, Naruto doesn’t have that battle IQ, as for Goku he can learn any ability he wants just by looking at it and he can also adapt to his ability very fast. in conclusion, naruto is very strong however he lacks common sense and battle IQ compared to a prodigy like Goku.

  28. anime fam you dumbass, no sauske cant copys gokus move even if he could goku is to fast and can probably knock him out with brute strength, second goku doesnt only have 1 move, third naruto can only use those moves due to kuarma,4th Naruto cant destroy planets, 5th goku can learn any ability without shargian if you watched super and heroes than you will know how op goku rlly is compared to Naruto

  29. Literally every single person who thinks Naruto could win is Literally a child, they all talk in incomplete sentences that it’s laughable. Honestly I love naruto way more than goku, but goku hands down wrecks naruto, he’s stonger and faster than Naruto, and there is plenty of evidence to back that statement up. Honestly it’s great that people have favorites, and it’s great that people want to talk amongst themselves on this “who would win” type of senerio, but there’s a difference between knowing and delusion.

  30. ochuko.m.edijala

    Its naruto!

    1. Brian Lin

      yeah, somebody that can destroy the whole universe in base form can be killed by a ninja guy. The only way naruto can beat goku is by playing his sad music but other than that, goku will toss around naruto like nothing.

  31. Anime fan

    In your opinion I think the dumbass here is you. naruto and kuruma power make him faster than goka the monkey tailed kid you yeeterson

  32. Anime fan

    and the one who trashed talks is you not me so use clean word

  33. Anime fan

    yes you yeet clean words and you to KadeXshido and everybody who talks with bad words is disrsipectful to anybody so lets not talk like that

  34. NarutardsEducateYourselves

    I swear to god these retarded naruto fans are braindead.

    Goku is Faster Than light, Universal Buster, Makes Gods fear his power.

    Otsutsukis are nowhere near as powerful as Gods of Destruction. Even beerus said: “Before creation comes destruction.”

    Goku has God ki and is capable of doing hakai which erases all energy and matter as a whole.

    He has MUI, which he can use anytime due to him being trained by Meerus( not to be confused with Beerus)…

    He has a fucking Susanoo now, we saw him use it against Moro and is capable of doing everything Goku can.

    This just concludes that a planetary buster at most is not capable of stopping a universal threat, since tactics and strategy cannot win over the huge power gap.

  35. Naruto or Goku

    Yes anime fan is right because if you keep doing that I will close this website because I Akira Toriyama the creater of goku and Masashi Kishimoto the creater of Naruto decided to make this just to have a debate not to say bad words to person’s got it

  36. Anime fan

    jk it was me 😂😂🤣🤣

  37. Anime fan

    And yes sasuke can because he has the sharingan and remember that he copied lee’s move in the chunnin exams he desapierd the apierd again because his sharingan copied it

  38. Sasuke Uchiha

    Even though Naruto can be isn’t an alien and doesnt love fighting, that doesn’t make him weaker. Its unfair that abilities ends up as a tie since Naruto can control all the elements, and because naruto is way smarter and less naive than goku. Naruto has also shown way more determination than goku. Naruto would just use substitution jutsu and cause goku to use up all his energy in an attempt to destroy Naruto. Then Naruto would shadow clone himself and destroy goku since his strength doesn’t divide, only his chakra and with the little chakra he has left he would diminish goku with a tail beast bomb. Naruto is way sneakier than goku and would trick him into his own misery. GO NARUTO!!!

    1. Juju smith

      Arito can control all the elements you said lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 goku can destroy all the elements with a punch lol 😂😂😂😂 I love naruto but goku is stronger sorry to bust your bubble. Have a great day

  39. AVALACHE1000

    If were talking about the universes than what about all the people who are nearly as strong as goku who naruto still cant beat like Hit, Freeza, Jiren, vegeta, buu, and even gohan and a shit ton more this is a debate about facts not opinions. the two universes arent on the same power scale the naruto universe I’snt meant to win

  40. Anyone that says goku would win your stupid all what people are saying for goku is look he has super saiyan im so strong” now who can beat me it’s all what they say and on the internet they just say stuff like goku’s attacks are so strong that he would only use super saiyan to beat naruto so dumb naruto is way stronger than that and also it DOESNT MATTER IF GOKU FIGHTS GODS naruto fought momoshiki and will soon fight isshiki they are god naruto beats momoshiki and hes a god and sasuke beat kinshiki and naruto is stronger than sasuke so to be clear all what dragon ball has is just lame of fighting doesnt inspire me like naruto ever could.CASE CLOSED NARUTO IS BETTER AND IS STRONGER

    1. naruto fans are fucktards

      LOL TF YOU RETARD you do know goku can destroy the universe right naruto is planet buster lvl goku in universe buster planet did you watch dragon ball with your eyes closed and you said “what dragon ball has is just lame of fighting doesnt inspire me like naruto ever could” DOES NARUTO HAVE A CON JUST FOR NARUTO NO THE FUCK NOT DOES DRAGON BALL HAVE A CON FOR ITSELF YES WTF WYM RETARD

    2. alright,alright its ok to be stupid sometimes but your literally abusing that privelage, dude the gods in dragon ball are exponentially stronger than the otsutskuki clan members look and research about their battle powers and destruction traits and your reasoning is so fucking bad I question if you even know how powerful naruto is himself. Bro you actually think goku is that stupid hes a martial artist and his battle iq is higher and goku is faster too. Goku would be able to tank all of narutos attacks.You didn’t even compare the naruto gods to the gods in dragon ball so man research or you have no excuse to argue

  41. I cannot believe that everyone thinks that Goku could wipe the floor with Naruto like are you serious. What is the argument that Goku wins; he’s fast Naruto is proven to be faster on foot since he is able to out run transportation jutsus. Second some might say Ultra Instinct, Goku can use Ultra Instinct, but is not 100% reliable since he is not able to enter at will yet, and even if he was which for some reason no one has thought of yet is Naruto can use sage mode. Which is literally Ultra Instinct on crack. Ultra Instinct allows the wielder to move without thinking or comprehending what he needs to do. Now sage mode might not be exactly be like that but it allows any user to completely read any attack and can also determine where and attack can come from as well as he can sense his enemy. Now before you say anything sage mode alsos people to sense chakra and Goku does not have chakra, but thats okay since in Kuruma mode he can sense ones feeling and be the exact same thing. On top of all that Naruto’s sage mode can never run out since he has inherited the sage of six paths sage power and the fact that he can continuously replenish his sage mode with a clone that only takes a second to build up while in kuruma form. Where Ultra Instinct has a time limit since it has a great toll on non gods bodies. Lastly in the comparison sage mode magnifys a persons strength greatly to where Ultra Instinct does not. I haven’t even fully factored in kuruma mode and Goku is already out of tricks unless you want to say instant transmission which would be a complete fail since once again Naurto would sense him as soon as he reappeared and Naruto then can grab him using Kuruma no matter where he pops up at around him and then kill him with one rausen shuriken since it completely destroys someone on a cellular level any so if Goku even gets hit by that which is extremely likely he’s dead.

    1. Narutotards Are the stupidest people on the planet

      Wait sensing energy is hard Like Goku could do that at the start of the original dragonball also Goku can litterlly blink Away naruto since goku is low multiversal with mui which he can access at will (read the manga) and naruto is onog planetery

    2. look at the fucking power scale asshole baryon modes FULL POWER plus its best attack would be a battle power of estimated 250million but goku at his prime only in ssj has the battle power of about 10trillion (no his base is not 100trillion) which his durability and strength so his durability would be like a tank vs a nerf gun goku is fast and has a high battle iq if kurama gets a hold of goku he transforms and his little kitty claws get blasted away (you better not forget is ssj battle power) one good kamehameha would blast and kill naruto. Its clear that goku is stronger and ui isnt even needed naruto can take 100 years of studying ui he would still never know how to read its movements use your non-existent brain to research and think.

  42. Listen well and listen good assholes.. Goku and his friends can’t use like and naruto and his universe can’t use chakra please at least state that to make it more clear goku’s skill can only be copied anywhere near possible in his universe with ki and stop trying to false debunk goku and stop bunking naruto… not only did berry’s and goku almost destroy the universe with bare hands… But goku shook the rift of time itself while going ultra instinct, Let’s leave this topic here goku just kicks ass do your research and we are good. Naruto is smarter “NOW” in general but goku has more fighting IQ like for example the fight with jiren goku almost got him with destructo disk so everyone calm down the dick riding I just settled it jeez.

  43. no goku is stronger e can instant transmtion and just knock the heck out of Naruto.

  44. Killerz07

    AnimeDev finally someone who did research thank god

  45. goku black manga

    wdym goku is a kick butt guy he could probily one punch him

  46. Gents… Goku solely relies on brute strength. Naruto can’t match his overpowered physical ability but he can cancel them out by infusing himself with tremendous amounts of sage power + bijuu mode+rikudou mode+he has senju powers with him now. He can use sage mode to counter Goku’s speed since it’s said to be able to sense danger from a mile away and sense all people across the world.

    Naruto’s abilities that can fool goku are like, substitution, head under justu, shadow clone,

    Truth seeking orbs can’t be touched by someone without six paths power, it will disintegrate him. Naruto was able to dodge light from right infront of his face. Point blank range. Fast enough to catch kaguya off guard. Able to increase his power to match an attack that could have obliterated him in a way that he wouldnt end up killing Sasuke, deflected an attack that could destroy 7 mountains at once. Able to knock out 5 tailed beasts without breaking a sweat. Can last days in a battle without running out of stamina unlike Goku that couldn’t even last 48 minutes in battle, Naruto can heal a hole you can put your hand through instantly. Can summon two grand sages that can assist him in battle n can perform a very strong geng jutsu,

    In boruto he overpowered a planet buster with 38 percent chakra.

  47. So in short Naruto is stronger than him n can win goku in style. 😜💎🍁

  48. Anime fan

    Goku is by far stronger than Naruto because when he is in ultra instinct he can avoid any attack as long as he is not fighting he does not need to fight back you just missed to dodge every attack

  49. Anime fan

    AnimeDev you did not say who is better naruto or goku

  50. Anime fan

    Oh wait now I know who you choosed goku the tailed monkey kid his dad also has it
    I don’t know about the mom

  51. Smokahontas

    Lol I watched all of naruto and loved it…
    But you weebs need to stfu, in no way shape or form could naruto or anyone in the naruto universe beat goku. Look up dragonball shippuden If you don’t believe me. Naruto weebs, stop making anime/manga fans look bad.

  52. Anime fan

    Be quiet Killerz07 and AnimeDev listen good asshole and you to dumbass yeet he has some impossible skills.Naruto always has tricks up his sleves even though wit little chakara and also naruto has Yin Yang realease.

    1. anime lover

      ayo Goku would smack naruto with 1 punch in only kaokien x4

  53. Soulxdraco

    You do realise dbs gokus base form is 100 trillion and naruto full power is only like 1 million or something goku would not only beat naruto but would wipe out the naruto universe

  54. I am a very big fan of both Anime but mostly Naruto. I grew up watching him. Goku’s funny – you know in being an idiot. Naruto’s also funny and an idiot but he’s an inspiration making me love him more. So if i were to choose one, it’ll be Naruto.

  55. Dude you’re just blurting uncontrollably. Jeez calm down.
    Even though Goku’s the strongest in the entire world, Naruto could still beat him with smarts. He could just make Goku waste his entire energy on a clone he’d in fuse chakra into while preparing a major tail beast bomb since Goku can’t sense Chakra

  56. AVALACHE1000

    There’s no way Naruto could possibly beat goku. In the first season of dragon ball where the Saiyans came to earth goku was able to blow up a planet, something that Naruto cant even do. That was when gokus power level was only around 24,000. When they went to Namek gokus power level was far above 1,000,000(and remember 24,000 is planet above planet destroying level). Since then hes developed the super saiyan transformation and each level multiplies his power 50x more so super saiyan 3 makes gokus power 1,000,000 x 150 + the extra power he gained through training(wich is a lot). In the beerus saga goku at ssj3s power was nothing compared to beerus and so when he turned into a god that means he had to grow levels upon levels stronger than a power level of already about 300,000,000 so if beerus was even 2x stronger that means gokus power doubled or more. Then afterwards he became the super Saiyan version of that form wich means 50x stronger than that doubled number so over 30,000,000,000 is what gokus power level was at, until he figured out how to use kaioken x20 wich multiplies that power by 20 so that makes gokus power 600,000,000,000. then goku fought jiren and that power level of 600000000000 was nothing compared to him again lets just say jiren was 2 times stronger that means when goku went ultra instinct gokus power level was beyond 1,200,000,000,000 on top of that he can dodge any move. And remember narutoes power level would be under 24,000 cause that would be above planet destroyer, so its 24,000 to 1,200,000,000,000 its pretty obvious who would win

  57. Goku is not smart but hes better then naruto hes stronger and faster in every form from ss3 to ultra instinct ask everybody goku is just better

  58. Ikemefula

    You morons don’t you have any brains in Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto has precognition so he will know when Goku will attack.

    1. anime lover


  59. Naruto could beat goku no matter what you people think naruto is going to lose.Goku is obviously no match for naruto

    1. Brian Lin

      Yeah, some kid can beat a guy that can destroy a universe in-base form. Goku also has forms like SSJ and MUI. I know naruto can probably destroy planets but goku can destroy a universe in base.

  60. Xbox series x vs PS5

    Ok guys both are strong but naruto’s world is stronger because the persons in naruto’s world are stronger than the aliens goku fights.But both are almost the same so it really doesn’t matter who wins we all have our own opinion so nobody is right or wrong 😁

  61. Anime fan

    Yeah it’s true Xbox series x vs PS5 is right it is just a debate

  62. Tyler Pritchett

    Goku is clearly smarter than naruto when it comes to martial arts

  63. That’s true and by the way you can have love for fighting but it doesn’t make you more powerful than someone who doesn’t hav the love for fighting it’s unfair to put it that way

  64. Naruto Fan

    Naruto would most deftinetly win because of his intelagince heart and his ninja way he will push himself past the limits until he is pleased with not only himself but as well as pleasing his apponent!! This is why i belive Naruto Uzumaki would win!!

  65. goku could beat the whole naruto universe with his finger

  66. Guko is stongest anime boi

  67. Baryon mode Naruto

    These Dumbasses that keep just blurting out nonsense like Naruto is weak and that he’s not even a planet buster dude stop the cap what if Naruto uses a Biju Dama on a planet or Rasenshiruken your telling me that that’s not DESTROYING a planet smh these Goku Tards man so fucking annoying. So goku tards your just gonna ignore the fact that rasenshiruken literally reduces you to cells basically completely evaporating you, I swear these types of goku dick swallowers make me so mad they just spit out random stuff just because they worship there anime daddy so much like actually research dont just go off of what your friend or someone tells you. Anyway back on the subject theres also people saying Narutos strongest form (baryon Mode) can’t even defeat ssj goku!!! Bro are you actually… 3 words for you stay off the lean there’s no way you can possibly think that actually nvm cause you apparently do now lets get into the facts, first off, for the people that think Naruto or anyone else in Naruto is planetary ahem ” There are many feats and statements that point Naruto Characters being planetary. Like Kinshiki if low balled would be planet level as his guide entry suggests that he can split worlds, which means planets, which is plural meaning Multi-Planet level, but let’s lowball and then do the scaling for all other god tier characters in the movie”. you see that retards kinshiki (yes the one that would have got soloed by sasuke and kinda did if momshiki wouldin’t have then tryed to step in) PLANET LVL AND THAT IS HIM LOWBALLED. Making sasuke low balled a planet buster and naruto who could easily defeat kinshiki a multi- planet buster and thats naruto HEAVILY low balled

    1. Brian Lin

      Naruto is very underestimated but goku is a lot stronger than naruto.

    2. Narutotards Are the stupidest people on the planet

      Oh wow planet level lol Goku in base is low Universal XD

      1. Is this your name ‘narutotards are the stupidest ppl in this planet . If yes , you are jealous from naruto 😂😂,

  68. Hunter_77 l7

    Tf guys just be honest goku is just much stronger than naruto. Krillin would ukd ez clap naruto too. Thats because that anime hasnt got any limits bruh.

  69. Damn i see more goku fans than naruto.
    I guess goku wins…
    Naruto may be more intelligent than goku but thats useless if goku is fast as as fuck boii

  70. Damn i see more goku fans than naruto.
    I guess goku wins…
    Naruto may be more intelligent than goku but thats useless if goku is fast as as fuck boii

  71. Jadan ur literally an idiot…
    Naruto cant sense ki stoopid

  72. lambert precious

    Goku wins

  73. Stfu u dumb fucking naruto faggots

    Goku would win easily in super saiyan and u fucking dumb naruto retarded cunts think naruto can beat goku in UI. Stfu with goku is only about strength, he legit has a super saiyan buff form that he doesn’t transform in because it’s fucking slow so he does know what he’s fucking doing u dumb fucks
    Go hang around with your fucking lgbtq community

  74. the 7th

    Clearly naruto is smarter because the persons who naruto fights are stronger than the aliens goku fight and naruto can destroy goku’s universe with a blink of an eye

    1. Brian Lin

      LOL, naruto is very strong and underestimated but naruto can’t destroy goku’s universe in a blink of an eye or even 1 million years. Naruto is at least a planet buster while goku is a universe buster. The only way naruto can win is poisoning goku or something and even if he poisoned, lord beerus would come and hakai him and im not even mentioning zeno

  75. Naruto Uzumaki

    in naruto shuppinden he was inside the ninetails and the other persons to they and there beast can destroy goku

  76. Spidey Uzumaki

    Naruto has better and smarter ways to fight then martial arts when his friends get hurt badly he turns into an instopable tailed chakara monster that can possible to kill he fougth sasuke in the final death valley he got injured by sasuke’s chidori then naruto his power of tailed beast heald his injury so if goku would punch him he would problaby not be able to even touch him or if he does he would feel nothing and naruto now would be faster than goku

  77. kakashi hatake

    Naruto because he is smarter and that matters when you fight because you need inteligence when you are battleing and naruto has plans.Goku is smart but that smart he is like a 20% of smart n naruto 100%
    smart.its not how strong it how smart because you need to know what the heck you are going to do like the plan and make sure it work and naruto beat shakaku the sand beast incredibly and he was only a 12 year old genin.Also in the chunin exams he stoped orochimaru’s big snake before it got sasuke .

  78. Anime fan

    yes thats right naruto uzumaki,spidey uzumaki,the 7th and kakashi hatake there all true

  79. Anime fan

    good reasons

  80. the 7th

    😁👍 thanks

  81. kakashi hatake

    yes gracias 👍

  82. Spidey Uzumaki

    thanks 👍

  83. Naruto Uzumaki

    gracias thanks 👍

  84. Anime fan

    you welcome de nada naruto uzumaki,kakashi hatake,spidey uzumaki,the 7th your welcome de nada

  85. It is true. I Was a Dragon ball fan But when i started watching Naruto, Goku seemed to fade. Naruto has never reached his limit but he is still strong enough to beat goku. Even if he reaches his limit, his ninja way will let him surpass his limit. Take for example his battle with pain, when naruto tought pain killed hinata, he exploded and turned into a nine tails demon even beating pain and breaking an unbreakable seal. NOW TO TALK OF HIS SUPER SUPER REGENERATION THAT CAN EVEN RECOVER LOST ORGANS IN AN INSTANT. You guys should stop under rating Naruto. He can destroy Goku and you know it. Goku almost died when his Ki was cut by lord beerus If not for a senzu bean. And what if he doesnt have a senzu bean?. But Naruto was pinned to the ground by a Chakra sealing rod and he destroyed it with just a transformation. Naruto will destroy Goku in any fight my friends, CASE DISMISSED. …… Naruto WINS

    1. Brian Lin

      yeah not like goku can destroy a universe in base form.

    2. Dudes and Dudets Naruto is still sucking his mothers breasts to where GOKU is

    3. Future omni king supporter

      Not like goku can destroy naruto in a blink

  86. Kcanimboy

    I love both anime , but I think Naruto have better story and characters. Naruto even has good op and ending songs. To be honest Goku will win, but dragon Ball story is lacking . I just giving my honest answer , btw I like Vegeta more than goku

  87. Naruto will clap goku’s ass cheeks with his new Baryon Mode, Goku has no fucking chance

    1. Futuer omni king supporter 2

      what about MUI or SSJ5 & 6

  88. Planets in Dragon ball are so fucking weak, simple moves destroy the planets Naruto can easily destroy a planet with his Rasenshuriken

  89. Goku Stands no chance

  90. Goku of course

  91. Holy Guardian

    Ye but Goku energy was Enough to create a Galaxy so what makes you think he gonna wast His entire energy on a clones he can just fight melee that doesn’t take energy from him and what makes you rhink that taild beast would Effect him Goku Block attacks that can destroy planets solar systems galaxys what a taild beast bomb would do destroy a Mountain Mel


    bruh goku can clap all their asses 10000 times with one punch if he wanted with one punch


    bruh goku can clap all their asses 10000 times with one punch if he wanted with one punch

  94. You dumbasses. Goku could easily kill naruto and destroy the Naruto world of he wanted to. You Naruto fan boys just dont get it! Just because you like the anime Naruto doesnt make him stronger than Goku! For fucks sake! GOKU CAN MAKE A GALAXY WITH HIS ENERGY AND FUCK UP A WHOLE UNIVERSE. While Naruto can barely destroy a fucking moon. Like honestly guys stop being biased towards Naruto you know damn well Naruto don’t got SHIT against Goku. Goku can win in any category he is more experienced and smarter than Naruto when it comes to martial arts, Goku is REALLY SMART When it comes to martial arts and combat. Especially with that warp Kamehameha. I’d say Naruto could force Goku to make him transform to Super Saiyan but no higher, Naruto could not survive Goku’s Super Saiyan form. Conclusion: Goku would destroy Naruto.

  95. goku is better

  96. Kaguto Nishii

    For all of you that think that Naruto would defeat Goku you are all sorely mistaken.To put some people in their place I will explain to you as to why Goku would win.Goku hands-down has enough power to shatter the universe it was stated that the fusion between Goku son and Vegita son Voice was strong enough to rupture a hole in space time. Goku’s power and voice alone in the tournament of power was so great it shook an endless void keyword there endless void meaning that it’s infinite. Now I need every nAruTaRdWho in Naruto could shake and endless void and this is my word specifically shake who in Naruto can shake and endless void please tell me because it seems like you guys have no points no evidence to support naruto defeating Goku. Now I need someone to tell me who in Naruto can survive the planet being destroyed if you have no evidence and only say what comes to mind and say the most stupidest most idiotic the most incompetent thing I will not respond to your stupidity all of you Naruto fans who think naruto can Defeat Goku. I would advise you to come up with any evidence solid facts not know backwater stupidity that comes out from your ass. Now let’s really talk about it did Naruto ever defeat Madarra Or kagua. I’m pretty sure everybody that watch Naruto knows that she had to be sealed once again. No please go ahead and tell me don’t go on a rant speak true facts come on people if you really want to show us that there’s actual evidence that supports your claim that Naruto can defeat Goku I will gladly sit down and read them but if you have nothing to say but stupidity then I’ll gladly skip over you and you can go down in the comments and say oh you’re going to skip over us because you think we’re wrong that just goes to show that you guys don’t understand the world of Naruto. I skipped over you because you’re not logically thinking there are statistics on who would win this fight show me proof show me actual evidence link things in your chat to show me who would win please do thank you and me personally I feel the same way as you naruto fans well not entirely the story yes truly it is better than the Dragon Ball story but when it comes down to the characters themselves they stand no chance.

  97. My son would win even with out nine tails he still has sage mode and dont forget that hes the seventh hokage master of allmost all tailed beast he can borrow chakra from each one and they wouldnt mind helping

  98. Naruto crushes this fight ALTHOUGH I can’t see shippuden naruto beating goku

  99. Anime fan

    Well naruto is stronger because goku can’t predict Naruto’s moves and maybe naruto can

  100. Pokemoji

    Sasuke would win because of his teleportation and amaterasu, he could latch it on to goku and any time he went to attack sasuke could simply switch their places.

  101. goku facts

    but in the amine sayians grows older then humans

  102. goku facts

    goku ui stat is to powerful even omen can beat naruto by dodge his move

  103. If you think Naruto could even stand a chance against goku would be idiotic. The only argument possible is Naruto has more chakra but ffs goku could just use instant transportation and drop naruto off in space. It’s as simple as that. Goku is undoubtedly faster, stronger, and has far better abilities. Sage of the six paths naruto would have unbelievable trouble against frieza. Remember, frieza can destroy planets and survive in space. Naruto would die. Ultra instinct could pulverize the entire naruto universe. Why? Because of how the stories were written. Sorry not sorry. And this is coming from a Naruto fan.

  104. Konomah

    Not even a debate that goku is superior.

  105. YourWaifuIsShit

    Wtf goku has god why is he fighting Naruto for u too dey misyarn

  106. this is just to funny

  107. It a very big lie it is not about muscle or training Naruto is 16 years but still measuring to a 43 year Goku Naruto for me is stronger than Goku

  108. Ok let’s be for real, naruto doesn’t stand a chance, so stop debating goku claps him that’s simple if you watched both naruto and dbz goku could clearly clap him, naruto is a good anime but clearly their power is probably Atleast kaioken goku or less, and also it’s so stupid on how they are defending naruto on how he will win when clearly his beast attack couldn’t even stand against goku dbs base form, also if you think naturo is faster then think again, because in dragon ball z we can see goku and cell fighting from the z fighters view but in the normal human eye it would be nothing so goku wins in speed and, in intelligence goku would win, people keep on forgetting that goku is actually smart especially in the sub.

  109. The dumb retards in this comment section they just want to defend narutos power when clearly goku claps, that always skip the actual power, and say”but naruto is smarter” so what goku would still win, naruto needs power to win and people saying goku needs to waste ki which he has a ton and even if he power downs will make him still unbeatable, naruto and the shinobois are the same power level as radizt,and also goku could just tp behind no cap if naruto tries a special move, it’s just writing araki made his characters op, deal with it so please stfu weebs, you make dragon ball and naruto look bad because you just can’t accept that naruto is way weaker than goku and can easily get clapped

  110. godkiller

    goku is a god and look at his power levels and you will see goku will destroy naruto and i love naruto but he will lose

  111. This was clearly set up for Goku to win since even after saying that Naruto can control all of the elements meaning he could use EVERY SINGLE jutsu ever created and they still don’t grant him the Abilities win and say its a draw was just to give goku more points which in that case would of made the conclusion a draw. Not to mention that the x-factor win is also unreasonable since having an explicit love for fighting doesn’t make you more powerful.

  112. Ok let me make this easy guys to close this (tho not gonna work) naruto and goku are very VERY VERY! Strong both powers can lead to mass fights but goku wins but not by much actally i would say that when goku and naruto fight goku is gonna because his speed and strength but naruto is gonna so much damage that goku after naruto is gonna go unconscious for like years decades so stop here you got your fairness

  113. Ok so let’s look at both of them, their powers abilities to actually see who would win. Goku: As a Saiyan, Goku possesses a vast array of superhuman physical attributes, which he has trained to God-like levels through years of rigorous training.

    In a nutshell Goku Wins, Goku has way to many abilities, not even mentioning what a lot of people forget about saiyans, If they are defeated and barely survive they get as strong as the enemy . This is due to the body structure of the saiyans. Many people forget this major fact so even if naruto knocks goku down than he will get stronger for free. Believe it or not this is how goku beats a lot of his enemy’s and this is one of the deciding factors for this fight.

  114. So naruto fan’s think naruto can win because he is naruto? Let look what goku feats and naruto,

    Goku almost destroyed the universe and got stronger since then.

    Goku was hit with attack that could destroyed the soul and boy from existent and resist it.

    Goku was in supermassive black hole and was find.

    Goku beats down clones before in dragon ball. Is people forgetting this? Goku beats down tien clones, cell clones, buu clones, and goku black clones, the clones in dbz is a lot more powerful there naruto clones,

    The dbz Clones is powerful enough to destroy planets, solar system, Galaxy, universe’s. So can naruto clones do that? I don’t think so.

    Regeneration, for people’s saying naruto win because of that. Let look regeneration in dbz. Cell regenerations from a pair of leg’s when him upper body got destroy and from one piece of cell. Majin Buu regeneration from smoke itself. And guess what goku still win against them. Can naruto regeneration do that? No it can’t.

    For people’s say naruto win because goku was fighting against peoples for 48 minutes in the tournament of power and say goku would get tired because of that. Let me remind everyone who goku was fighting against people’s who is on him level power and stronger than him, goku got to users lot of power for people’s who is on level or stronger him. Would you used all your strengths against a 10 year old child ? No you wouldn’t .

    Goku training can last for days. In the dbs manga in chapter 53, is was said goku has training for 150 days straight back in dbz.. so can naruto do that? No he can’t .

    Let look Goku power and abilities.

    Ki sense, ki transfer, spirit control, instant tranmission, regeneration, energy Nullification, Mimicey, kamehameha, drunken fist, Afterimage techique, king chappa, eight arm fist, Hakai, Telepathy, ki blast, finger beam, energy wave, kaio ken, destructo disc, spirit bomb, solar flare, energy shield, Evil contnment wave, god bind, flight, ki Manipulation. Breaking the fourth wall, shochwaves generation, dimensional travel, bfr, accelerated development, can create dimensional rifts and even destroy space-time and pocket dimensions with his energy, light manipulation, cold radiations, Extrasensory perception( cannot be sensed by beings lesser then a god as super saiyan God and blue) and fusionism.

    I could go on but i think you all get the point.

    I might do naruto another time but naruto can win here.

    I read all the naruto chapter’s and naruto have no feats or statements to put him at universe level.

  115. Naruto wins. Its very clear and obvious. Goku might be strong, very strong but naruto can blend his environment to fight i.e he has wind release, lightening style, water style, lava style and even wood release after the death of kurama. And the rasengan is not his ultimate jutsu. But my doing his ultimate rasengan and his infinite magnetic rasengan, combining them with other element and his truth seeking orbs, he would win . If he doesn’t win he would just have to combine the ultimate rasengan to his planetary rasengan and chibaku Tensei and boom, goku is done for. And know that hagoromo has given naruto same eyes he has in latest boruto series though its not in the web yet. So naruto is also an otutuski as well and more powerful than kaguya. So he will just trap goku in another world and goku is done for. Also know that the death of kurama did not deprive naruto of his sage mode form. And naruto has infinite chakra as well.

  116. And also know that naruto has other tailed beasts piling up to support naruto. Most especially octopups the eight tails and the one tail shukaku with the rest tailed beasts. Naruto would just summon them to the battle field and since he has all their chakra, he is a God. And no matter how goku is strong he cant fight all of the tailed beasts and naruto at once. And also Naruto chibaku Tensei and planetary rasengan is very powerful when combined. So naruto is a god. And he has two rennigans and one sharingan on his forehead bearing the name of otutuski since he is their descendant of the otutuski clan. Also know that Naruto is seven times a powerful sage than jaraiya. So he win use all techniques of the two powerful sages of all time against Goku. And let me shock all you Goku fucking fans. Naruto has the key to any world. And Sasuke is also having more powers after seeing naruto this powerful so he has almost balanced and increase his powerful to that of naruto. Just one more power to go and he will be on same level with naruto so if anyone tries to help goku, Sasuke will just arrive and crush the opponent. Mind you he is also a six paths user and has infinite sharingan and rennigan. And naruto will summon thousands or millions of clones since he has infinite chakra and the clones are almost as powerful as Naruto and Sasuke and they also have Naruto jutsus so the more they attack, they more Goku get beaten. Dont forget the hungry tailed beasts in support of Naruto. No matter how goku attacks Sasuke, he has susanoo and the most powerful genjutsu. He also has control over life and death just like naruto so goku cannot defeat any of the two. And there are more jutsus the two has which ive forgotten that can and will crush goku.

  117. Ikemefula

    In Baryon Mode Naruto can knock Goku out which is to fast for Ultra Instinct.

  118. Ryan The Otāku

    One word =mastered ultra instinct will be a problem for beerus. Goku has god ki now and beerus is literally (the god of destruction) so I love naruto too but “GOKU is the mortal that can clap everybody’s cheeks”

  119. goku can’t sense chakra and naruto has more stamina than goku even though goku is the strongest ever he is not gonna be able to keep up with naruto because goku is gonna get so tired during the fiht he might collapse and dont forget kurama he can mke big tailed beast ball that can destroy goku so i choose naruto.

  120. king azrael

    My opinion it’s Goku who would win but lets look at it fairly. Naruto has all the tailed beast in him yes. But he only has a part of them and a small scale of their power. and the baryon mode people are talking about also harms Naruto too. yes it does give a massive power boost to him but harms him at the same time. Also naruto has gotten weaker in boruto due to not training and-inactivity. plus the rasengan isn’t the strongest jutsu in naruto in my opinin it would be sakues indras arrow which matched two massive rasenshuriken on it’s own.Goku has been training non stop since he was born.yes both push past their limits so lets not go there. Goku also has super saiyan1,2,3,god,blue and MUI which no longer has a time limit speed wise The Light Fang is said in the databooks to travel at the speed of light. Since Naruto dodged this attack, Naruto would be > 671,000,000 miles per hour at the end of the series. Goku spent 28 hours to travel over Snake Way and traveled approximately half the total distance of Snake Way: 312,500 miles. This meant that Goku was moving at approximately 11,160.7 MPH. Using canon power level information, he found that Goku traveled at a power level of 5,000. Bennett then divided 11,160.7 by five, concluding that, for every 1,000 points of power, Goku and friends could travel approximately an additional 2,232.1 MPH.This data can then be applied to Goku’s later power levels in the Frieza Saga. According to Daizenshuu 7, which provides power levels up to the Frieza Arc, Super Saiyan Goku’s power level is 150 million. This means that by the time Goku fights Frieza, he can travel 334,821,428.6 mph — roughly half the speed of light, which is 670.6 million MPH.Goku’s power levels are around 10 billion as of the Babidi Saga. By applying the same formula, this means that Goku, without Instant Transmission, can travel 22.321 trillion MPH — or 33,314 times the speed of light so speed wise goku wins handily this also means that naruto has a power level of 300 million while goku has one of about 157,890,000,000,000,000,000 in Mastered ultra instict. also both are smart in fighting and know how to fight wisely so lets not even go there. Goku looks for harder opponents to fight while Naruto doesn’t really. and clone wise the clones are 50% then the original and goes down another 50% for each one so shadow clones would harm Naruto instead of helping and for techniques well the kamehamaha has a higher output level then the rasengan and before someone says i partial my favorite series is danmachi or ruruoni kenshin

  121. Cayetano

    Dude u don’t nothing about goku at all goku is billions times stronger then naruto and I will only say this to give u idea when goku was fighting cell and cell fire a Kamehameha at goku When they were level goku said to cell that it’s to much that the earth can’t handle it and remember they haven’t use there full and they we’re just fucking around and just to get it over that naruto never stand a chance and goku is a lot faster and naruto won’t keep up goku will just toy around with naruto that’s all just get more information k I’m not saying nothing bad just get more information

  122. To dumbass naruto fans

    Goku would easily win and here are some arguments why people think naruto is stronger. People act as if goku was mentally retarded or something, how did he become a god then? It’s like people don’t know about ui and how you don’t even need to think about it your body is just fighting. Also another thing I saw was naruto can sense Chakra from a mile away, ok goku was able to sense trunks from galaxies away. Another thing I saw was naruto is faster than him, no, that’s simply wrong goku was able to match the speed of someone who can skip ahead seconds. Another thing was people bring up karuma, can karuma fight without thinking? Can karuma destroy a galaxy? Also cell was able to destroy a galaxy, FUCKING CELL, so no karuma isn’t going to help. Also, again with people calling goku a caveman, before goku goes ui whis states that goku calculates every possible move and studies his opponents. So no, as much as I love naruto he won’t be able to win.

  123. N.a.r.u.t.o

    Goku is no god if he is then its not suppose to take to long for him to beat somebody up.if he can only last 5 minutes of bijuu and senjuu mode thats enough time to win and to beat omen .

  124. NaruHina

    Actually why is naruto fighting goku if naruto is stronger with his tailed beast power and goku he has no beast power.goku can’t even beat kisame or nagato or itachi or any akatsuki.Naruto beat atleast 1, pain and goku not even 1 akatsuki

  125. Stfu narutotards

    Goku clapps Naruto in base form bruh, You narutotards didn’t even watched dragon ball lmaoooo

  126. Stfu narutotards

    Goku clapps Naruto in base form bruh, You narutotards didn’t even watched dragon ball lmaoooo

  127. Stfu narutotards

    Goku in base form can easily Clapp Naruto bruh, some of you narutotards didn’t even watched dragon ball and you guys sayin that he clapps Goku lmaoooooo, that sum capppp

  128. Cocacola 'n' Sprite

    as you can see naruto is a to powerful oponent for goku and it seem the people who agree goku is better listen he is to much for goku you guys really dont know what he can do to goku dont underestimate a unpredicteble shinobi

  129. Naruto🌀⚽🎮👾

    in short naruto may not be a planet buster but he is an oponent buster and goku is 1 of naruto’s oponent so watch out goku

  130. Minecraft Roblox

    naruto will him kill goku anytime any age anywhere and whenever

  131. godzilla

    naruto is just too much for poor weak little goku he can burst him up with his tailed beats rashenshuriken and when all the tailed beast do there rasengan all there be left of goku will be nothing

    1. Future omni king supporter

      Ya know that naruto is a literal baby comared to EVERY SINGLE ANIME you know that goku dosn’t even move until naroto pees his pants.

  132. Even boruto can destroy him and so can naruto there way powerfull goku is dumb and naruto is smart and boruto is smart.also when you figh you need intelligence to fight which means naruto and boruto will win easaly also sadara and mitsuki can defeat him and so can sakura and sasuke

  133. Anime fan

    case solved naruto wins

  134. Anime fan

    but will give 35% credit to goku I guess

  135. Anime fan

    but naruto is still beter

  136. goku wins ez

    goku wins bc he can use mastered ultra instinct goku and beat nautro ez

  137. goku wins

    goku wil win bc he can just go in to this form mastered ultra instinct goku

  138. KadeXshido

    Okay so all of the stupid shit that you’ve just, said I’m about to debunk. Naruto has not shown any feats that are even close to Goku’s. First off ninja way has nothing to do with it because as soon as he’s reached his limit HES REACHED HIS GOD DAMN LIMIT. second of you say that goku couldn’t last 48 min in the ToP, because he was beat to the point where he literally had to recover also how was he able to go ssgss in against zamasu and goku black. Also sage mode and bijuu mode only lasts for 5 minutes as stated by kurama, so you are saying that goku cant last in his ssgss form for 48 minutes but yet naruto can only last 5 minutes, do you relies how fucking stupid you sound. “NOW TO TALK OF HIS SUPER SUPER REGENERATION THAT CAN EVEN RECOVER LOST ORGANS IN AN INSTANT. ” and he after that he has never shown that ability again BECAUSE HE LOST THAT POWER DUMBASS. “Goku almost died when his Ki was cut by lord beerus If not for a senzu bean. And what if he doesnt have a senzu bean” because beerus was stronger than goku and faster than him and has a destructive capacity that is MULTIVERSAL. do you even watch the series or are you just that much of a naruto dick rider. naruto has only shown speeds that are barely the speed of light, so do you honestly think that the whole “well naruto can just decapitate goku since hes the speed of light” argument is really valid when goku has infinite speed since the punches from his fights from beerus were traveling a nigh infinite universe and transcending into the REALM OF THE KAIS. Also none of narutos rasengon are going to hurt goku because the rasengan has never shown any of the feats that are on the same level as goku it WONT WORK SO THATS DEBUNKED. “Naruto was pinned to the ground by a Chakra sealing rod and he destroyed it with just a transformation.” gotenks was literally able to shout and escape from another dimension and goku is stronger than him also goku was able to resist a black whole attack from ribrian. CASE DISMISSED… GOKU WINS
    leave this community you never made any good point you’re just a naruto tard that tried hard to downplay goku.

  139. goku is stronger

  140. Goku sucks

    All of u goku fans out there just face the truth. Goku is a mindeless monkey that has no idea what he is doing. Goku relies on pure strength which is easily defeated by shadow clones, substitutions and speed. Don’t underestimate Naruto.

    1. Futuer omni king supporter 2

      YOUR ARE so dumb naruto will die because he is a little cat and plus goku is a saiyan not a monkey Cell-ish person

  141. See naruto will destroy Goku because of Goku can fly and his last form is insane and naruto can not beat the speed but naruto can beat the strength because if he can use all the nine tails in there full power and Kuruma sage mode so naruto wins

  142. Seriously all the Narutards came out for this one… What about Sasuke vs Vegeta?

  143. Oh yeah and Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears would curb stomp both of them.

  144. Anime fan

    Naruto of course because he is the 4th hokage’s son and if goku can destroy planets I would like to see him try to destroy all tailed beast i bet not. Also Naruto has sage mode,supreme ultimate rasengan,tailed beast mode he use S ranked jutsu’s and nine tails/Kuruma’s power also his six path sage mode and one of the most strongest hokage’s goku can’t master sealing justu’s like naruto he is no hero he has supriseing moves and naruto has never reach his limet like goku

  145. Anime fan

    Naruto of course because he is the 4th hokage’s son and if goku can destroy planets I would like to see him try to destroy all tailed beast i bet not. Also Naruto has sage mode,supreme ultimate rasengan,tailed beast mode he use S ranked jutsu’s and nine tails/Kuruma’s power also his six path sage mode and one of the most strongest hokage’s goku can’t master sealing justu’s like naruto he is no hero he has supriseing moves and naruto has never reach his limet like goku

  146. Anime fan

    Naruto🌀🌀🌀 because some people have no idea of what he is good at goku is more naive than naruto. sasuke said that Naruto was naive in the series naruto when they were battleing in the final death valley but goku is still but what’s with the monkey tail that is ridiculous funny😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  147. Anime fan

    Chill dude KadeXShino even thought naruto can only use six path sage for 5 minutes he can destroy goku with his big rasengan and also when it like naruto is in a nine tails megazord well not megazord but when the nine talis form it goes big and naruto makes a biggggggggger rasengan that can make goku explode like a bubble thats how weak is goku. also naruto mastered the rasengan in 6 days. what about goku his thing that looks like rasengan and naruto mastered it earlier and His dad the 4th hokage 3 years and also jiraya. naruto also posses the rinnegan rasengan and other cool stuff than naruto and nobody like goku because he has no wife and no kids and other cooler stuff and naruto is way cooler then goku Naruto is the winner!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁 goku is the loser!!!! take this goku😝😝😝 and this is what naruto uses to deafeat goku🌀🌀🌀🌀 and this a weak technice goku uses 🍼that why he lost to naruto and that why naruto won

  148. Anime fan

    also goku is old and naruto not that old i mean like the time it was made.Naruto can surpass goku

  149. BRUH HOW MANY F*CKING NARUTO FANS ARE THERE??? WTF. Ok first of all we should go back to frieza: Frieza in base form destroyed a planet with his finger. Super saiyan goku totally killed frieza. Baryon naruto I know works similarily to ultra instinct. say frieza used his max power in max form, he could have destroyed a solarsystem if not more. Goku is way stronger than that frieza. Now lets skip ahead to where he fought beerus in ssjg. with just a few clashes, it was said by kaioshin that if they continued clashing, this universe would be no more. Already, that super saiyan god goku is universal level. Now lets head to where goku fought Jiren. He was way stronger now, and in fact with his new MUI form, he shook the realm. He was way faster than Jiren, who was so fast he broke through Hit’s time barrier. When goku was a kid, he fought against tien, who used solar flare. As a kid, he outsped tien’s solar flare, grabbing Master roshis sunglasses before the light reached him. now he is trillions of times faster than he was as a kid, so he could be trillions or quadrillions times faster than light. Narutos best feat is being able to destroy a planet with a rasenshuriken. Naruto is smarter, yes, but gokus also not that bad himself. Most of narutos abilities also require teamwork. At most naruto is about cell level, which most would refer to him being as strong as saiyan saga vegeta. Im only considering his genjutsus, which are extremely slow against a guy who is trillions of times faster than light, and the fact that hes really smart and will utilize his clones to do some mass damage. Goku however, at a highball is multiversal, and lowball is universal in his MUI form, so the genjutsus would first off, do nothing to him, and the clones he could use instant transmission and kamehameha them like he did against cell.

  150. DunamisOphis

    Fun fact: No character in Naruto has surpassed Master Roshi, and Raditz is overkill for all of Naruto characters. The author of this article is definitely not Dragon Ball generation like I am. How do I know? He did not mention early Dragon Ball, which is the problem with this current generation of anime fans. He left out hundreds of details in Dragon Ball series. I once made a post explaining why Madara is not as powerful as Nappa. I will paste it here:

    Madara is NOT as powerful as Nappa. Anyone who thinks Madara is as powerful as Nappa has never watched Dragon Ball, or they are part of the Naruto generation of kids. Back when youtube started, I was one of the top debaters as AizenSamaKing on Dragon Ball vs Naruto topics, Bleach battles, and Broly power level debates. I am only going to type some of the most basic parts in the comment section below. I once had a one hour and thirty minute video on youtube that explained why Naruto characters can’t beat Dragon Ball characters. The Naruto fans had my original channel terminated back then because of the video. If someone would like me to create a full video to explain this, I will. Let me know. I have DBZ Kakarot videos and hundreds of other videos.

    Without going into extreme details, I will explain this for the simple-minded here. I know there is a false rumor that I have heard about for the past decade that Kishimoto said Madara is as powerful as Nappa. First, who cares what Kishimoto says? He did not write Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama did. And much of the content in Naruto was stolen from Dragon Ball (shadow clone jutsu, Ino’s mind jutsu, Kidomaru’s multiple arms, etc.). Secondly, it is impossible. Nappa is too powerful. People need to stop comparing Naruto to Dragon Ball. Leave Naruto within Naruto. Naruto is powerful within Naruto. That is why the show is called Naruto.
    Starting from the beginning, in my years of talking to Naruto fans, I have concluded that the majority of Naruto fans have only watched Naruto, and maybe they have watched one or two episodes of DBZ: Kai, which is the worst version of DBZ. This is not the accurate or healthy way to watch Dragon Ball. The consecutive order should be Dragon Ball and then Dragon Ball Z after that. Most of the kids born after 2000 are oblivious to the fact there is an original Dragon Ball show that came BEFORE Dragon Ball Z. With that out of the way, let me go straight Kid Kakarot and Master Roshi.

    Early Dragon Ball showed what Kakarot and friends were going through during training, and the tough enemies they battled as children. Kid Kakarot took a sniper bullet to the head and it did nothing. He has kicked away missiles and he has been hit by missiles that exploded. It did nothing. Master Roshi could catch bullets. Master Roshi, Kid Krillin, and Kid Kakarot were all moving so fast they left behind after images and the audience could not see them in the tournaments.

    Master Roshi destroyed the Moon at an official power level of 150 increasing to 180. In early DBZ, Piccolo destroyed the Moon. This same Piccolo could not handle Raditz. Raditz took a kamehameha fully charged from Kakarot, and Kakarot’s level was around 950 at the time. He took it to his chest and it did nothing. Raditz is 1,500. 1,500 divided by 180 (Master Roshi Moon) is 8.3 Raditz has enough power to destroy Earth’s Moon 8 times over with a single charged energy blast. The Moon 1/4 (27%) the size of the Earth. Raditz is a low level planet destroyer. Most Saiyans likely are. No character in Naruto has even destroyed the Moon. Toneri SLICED a hollow Moon. Raditz would catch the energy blade in his hand and proceed to tell jokes. Raditz solos Naruto characters, and I am pretty sure Kid Kakarot and Demon King Piccolo would as well. This isn’t even getting into the speed Dragon Ball characters have. Recoome had a power level of 71,000, officially from the Daizenshuu guide. Vegeta destroyed planet Arlia with two fingers without breaking sweat at 18,000. Do the math. Yamcha battled against Recoome and defeated him, and Yamcha only becomes more powerful later in the series, even though he stopped joining the others in battle. Yamcha absolutely solos Naruto characters. He is a multiple planet destroyer.
    Kid Kakarot trained with Mr. Popo to dodge lightning. The average lightning bolt is approximately 224,000 mph. During early Dragon Ball tournament, Kid Krillin and Kakarot moved so fast they were leaving behind after images and the human crowd could not visibly see them. It would be the same if Dragon Ball characters fought against Naruto characters. When Gohan first encountered the Saibamen, he could not see them until Piccolo told him to focus on their speed and sense their energy. Early DBZ is far beyond anything in Dragon Ball. Again, no character in Naruto series has surpassed Master Roshi. And this is COMBAT SPEED. I understand how fast and powerful many Marvel and DC characters are, but one thing everyone seems to skip over his how fast Dragon Ball move during combat. I am not talking about travel speed. That is different. Unless they can move like the Flash or Professor Zoom, I don’t see how most characters could even react to or dodge the hundreds and thousands of punches and kicks Dragon Ball characters throw around in a few seconds.
    Nappa destroyed East City by raising two fingers as child’s play. Based on power levels I have already described, Nappa has been theorized over the years to be approximately 4,000 or higher. Each Saibamen would be around 1,200, which was the minimum of Raditz. Saibamen would be a nightmare for Naruto characters. In Dragon Ball, unless the character has enough power or the power level to output an attack greater than the enemy’s power, they are not going to do much. Naruto characters fight with sticks, kunai, and knives. The farmer in Dragon Ball could shoot a Naruto character and do serious damage. Raditz caught the bullet the farmer shot. Nappa is definitely a low level planet destroyer. Saiyans are naturally that much more powerful than humans, and Naruto characters are basic, weak humans. Even Krillin, who is human, is much more powerful than all of Naruto characters. Madara can create meteorites? No, Madara summoned a slow falling rock out of the sky. A rock that was stopped by a tiny Earth man named Ōnoki. On April 22, 2012, at approximately 14:15 GMT, an asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of approximately 28.6km/s (64,000 mph). Now, you tell me. Did Onoki stop an asteroid or a slow moving rock? Frieza threw a larger rock at Kakarot using his telekinesis on Namek and Kakarot caught it. Nappa two fingers the rock or simply embraces it and laughs. Yes, Madara is powerful WITHIN Naruto. Leave him in Naruto. Genjutsu is not going to work. I have heard it so many times. Dragon Ball characters are too fast, and they can simply power up and break genjutsu. Naruto charged his chakra to break Itachi’s genjutsu spell. Dragon Ball characters charge up and they shake the entire planet, causing earthquakes, lightning storms, and tsunami waves. I honestly do not see any attacks in the Naruto series that can harm Raditz or Nappa. Nappa would have a field joy day the same as he was destroying the F16 fighter planes in DBZ.
    These are the basics. I could go into more detail. ”
    Naruto popularity began when I was in high school and I immediately saw how the poisonous, demonic nature of the show changed kids around me. It was very strange. No matter how much evidence you show a Naruto fan, they can never accept it as truth. There is also that kid who stuck his head in a sandbox at a playground and killed himself because he thought he was garbage. More negative effects of a terrible anime. When Naruto started to become popular, most of you were in diapers or elementary, and eventually grew up to be the generation of kids who think Naruto characters can beat Dragon Ball characters, Thanos, Dormmmu, Jean Grey Phoenix, Galactus, Sentry, Doctor Strange, Spectre, Darkseid, The Flash and Professor Zoom, Eternity, and the list goes on. I have seen it all, and it is all very comical at best. Naruto can’t do ANY damage whatsoever to Kakarot or Vegeta, nor is he fast enough. One hit from any of the early DBZ characters would destroy Naruto forever. He is not capable of surviving more than one hit from them. I’m talking about Saiyan Saga Vegeta and Kakarot. You think he is going to handle Ultra Instinct? Please… The joke is outdated already. Naruto is not superior to every other franchise of characters in existence.

  151. God's blessings

    Narutards everywere 🤣 Goku alone will end the whole shinobi

  152. Don’t forget naruto has six paths sage mode. Or the new suicide form from kurama in boruto magna, which tells us that he still has untapped power in kurama. If super stain god was that powerful, how has goku not blown of the entire multi verse when super stain god was that powerful to destroy the entire 7th. And factor x is way dumb(no offence) goku loves fighting but natuto loves saving people (not goku isn’t a hero, but fighting a battle u know u will lose cammon). Pls review with every episode from both side

    1. Future omni king

      BRO naruto is dead in ONE blink from goku. GOKU IS STRONGER even if it was 1,000 tails

  153. Anime fan

    Naruto and Goku could beat this Fei Wong easily from whatever Xenogears is but Sasuke vs Vegata could be good battle 2

  154. zorro will wil interms of location map navigations 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  155. You guys need to relax, goku wins that’s obvious
    Anime fan is just trying to stir you guys up

  156. never underestimate an unpredictable ninja

  157. Anime fan

    look KadeXShido you know naruto will you are just afraid to say it goku may look strong but naruto and his friends are way stronger sakura can heal sasuke can copy goku’s moves and goku’s one technice and deafeat him and naruto when he battle sasuke in the final death valley his kuruma chakara turn incredebly faster than goku and just with a scream he blowed a way sasuke.Naruto in every with a very powerful guy like zabuza , pain and the woman who help’s zabuza and naruto in his teen years he beat pain and pain is an akatsuki and some jonin could not deafeat him and they were jonin adult’s and naruto teen destroyed him

  158. Anime fan

    In every battle with somebody stronger than naruto he would always win even if he had no new jutsu’s He even won a akatsuki and zabuza’s helper

  159. Anime fan

    You said it DARE”t you are right even sometimes sasuke can predict naruto’s moves

  160. Anime fan

    You are right DARE’t sometimes sasuke can’t predict naruto’s moves also when naruto actevated the six path sage mode he did all tailed beast rashenshuriken.

  161. Anime fan

    Youre right DARE’t because somtimes sasuke can’t predict naruto’s moves and when naruto actevated his six path sage mode he did the all tailed beat rashenshuriken can goku do that NOPE!!!!!!

  162. Anime fan

    Naruto will win because he is just too powerful and you guys who say that goku wins you guys know naruto will win but are just afraid to admit it.

  163. I believe goku will kill naruto come on goku is a god and at ultra instinct is nearly un beatable compared to the so called naruto even with his nine tails ,he will freak when he sees goku

  164. Anthony jay

    You all thinking naruto is stronger are fools because even sasuke cant copy a ki based attack and strength goku has is universal what about naruto mooniversal common y’all think before u talk

  165. Brian Lin

    idk why u naruto fans think a small planet buster can defeat a universe buster. you guys are very dumb and stupid.

  166. Naruto is actually a weakling on the scale of dragon balls. He would have never survived on namek imagining he made it through Nappa.

  167. LEGIT. naruto would crush goku if were talking anime vs anime in a real battle, if you’ve seen blood prison in the naruto movies, he can camouflage then use 2 resingans and combine them and make a supreme resingan from Naruto the lost towers, and then charge at him while keeping camouflage and he wont know what that is so SPLAT goku goes.

  168. Dont work about it

    goku would win goku already past god level when Naruto only has one mode over god level which is baron mode Goku Could solo naruto whole vs and only people left would be hagoromo ishikii and that’s it and goku gonna finish them to

  169. Dont work about it

    naruto aint weak he just wont be goku

  170. Goku.

    End of the story.

  171. someone who even has a brain

    This is really pathetic. Anyone who claims that Naruto would have any chance of defeating Goku are either kids, stupid, or just don’t know anything about power levels. And Naruto’s powers can’t even be compared to any * planet * let * country *. And if you don’t believe this then take a look at both series then you’ll see that Naruto has never been allowed to destroy anything significant compared to any of Goku’s forces. Goku can destroy the universe and Naruto doesn’t even have the power to destroy the country. The two cannot even be compared. And even after all this, probably some stupid kid will answer this, citing some Naruto * Baryon Mode *

  172. Naruto is low planetary.

    Yeah, a puny perv can obviously defeat a universal treat in base form.
    Listen, I’m going to copy and paste an article on how strong Goku is, and after that, I’ll copy and paste an article on how strong Naruto is.
    Ready? Ok.

    How strong is Goku at full power?
    With Goku being alive it is much harder for his body to hold the Super Saiyan 3 transformation. He is unable to focus his Ki to channel his full power in which Goku states would be enough to destroy Kid Buu. Super Saiyan 3 Goku at full power has a battle power of 24,000,000,000, 2 billion above Kid Buu’s level.

    Which is stronger, Goku the Saiyan or Naruto?
    Goku The Saiyan who grew up on earth is strong, powerful. We have seen throughout the series that his fists can demolish mountains, even planets. During his state in Ultra instinct, he largely outperformed Jiren; this warrior scared the gods of destruction.

    Now it’ time for the Naruto part, oh wait, I realized there is a Naruto part in the article Naruto-tards! So just read that and say a 16 year old boy can win against a god. (Keep in mind, Baryon mode Naruto isn’t even as strong as Kayuga! So yeah, base Goku claps Kayuga, and the only way Naruto’s winning is talk no jutsu.

    1. Naruto is low planetary. Again..

      Oh, and not to mention, THAT’S BUU SAGA GOKU.

      1. goku winssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Unfortunately, even these impressive achievements struggle to put Naruto on the same level as Goku. His versatility and skill potentially make Naruto a better strategist than Goku, but his tactics are beaten out by raw power; after all, Goku is a Saiyan. Dragon Ball fights tend to occur on the planetary scale, meaning that the characters in question could blow up the very world they’re fighting on without much effort at all. Conversely, Naruto characters have never displayed this level of power. Theoretically, Goku could destroy entire solar systems and galaxies if he wanted to. As flexible and impressive as Naruto’s powers are, they simply can’t stack up to Goku’s level of strength. Naruto can summon as many clones as he likes, but it only takes a snap of Goku’s fingers to reduce Naruto and the planet he is standing on to space dust. In the end, Goku walks away with the victory for nothing but his overwhelming level of power.

        1. smart8

  173. Well if we are going to be honest here I have never watched the Naruto show cause it looks boring but If you guys are Db fans you would understand that Goku’s power is ultimate in Ui and Mui forms I do not know the Naruto level or forms whatever it is called but Akira Toryima made Beerus say this in dbs a saiyens power is limitless hence that Is why you have different forms for example broly form is stronger then jiren akira toryima said that himself when people where asking him so hence goku is most likely to win it is just akira has given more forms to goku ther are many other animes like death note and people say that if you put people name in they will die ok now let tell you some fact’s death note can’t kill goku because goku is not his real name that just what everybody else calles him goku’s actually name is kakorat so death not against db db wins what about one punch man against kakorat the votes on this just keep reversing cause in one week they say siatama can beat goku and the all of a sudden it says next week that goku can beat siatama so there really is no confirmation about one punch man versus goku so now lets get to naruto naruto is the third best selling manga in the world with dragon ball in second dontt believe me searrch it up all of my information that I am giving you is true I do not care about naruto because I am db fan but we also now that naruto does have power just not as much as gokus goku can destroy mountains and planets and galaxies what naruto destry you tell me naruto you jst that narout has bayron mode kids think that he wins but remember a saiyens power is limitless.

    1. I speak facts not lies kids

  174. guys naruto could put up a good fight against goku but lets be serious naruto is not going to win in a fight with goku but saitama could easily beat them both in a 2v1

  175. Goku is the best!! Naruto’s Ass is kicked

  176. goku is way stronger you are the idiot

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