Is Goku Stronger than Naruto? Who wins?

The game Jump Force recently allowed us to bring Goku and Naruto face to face. However, the balancing is questionable enough for an honest answer. So here is finally a realist and systematic analysis about the subject; Goku Vs Naruto!

Goku Vs Naruto: who wins?

Goku Vs. Naruto, Death Battle, Fanart by DarkVadder2016
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Our objective is really to carry out an argumentative and systematic analysis of the subject. However, note that it remains entirely based on our (subjective) opinions and our interpretation of Dragon Ball and Naruto. That’s why the comment area is there!

We will compare Goku and Naruto at the best of their form, taking into account what we know so far according to the excellent contents from both sagas.

The comparison will be carried out in 4 rounds:

  • Physical
  • Intelligence
  • Abilities
  • X-Factor
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First of all, let’s define what we mean by physical force.

Are we talking about pure physical force in its raw state without increase?

As an example, for Goku, it would be his physical strength in his primary state without transformation (no sorry, Goku Black is not competing!). For Naruto, it would be his physical strength without the use of chakras, therefore Taijutsu.

Or are we talking about physical force where any related capabilities are taken into account? So including Ultra Instinct and Kurama, as an example.

We have chosen the second option. When doing a competition, participants are not asked to use only part of their muscles. They use their full resources and powers.

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The Saiyan who grew up on earth is strong, powerful.  We have seen throughout the series that his fists can demolish mountains, even planets. During his state in Ultra instinct, he largely outperformed Jiren; this warrior scared the gods of destruction. They also stood up to applaud on Goku’s power level.

Let us remember that during his exchanges of punches with Beerus, it was noted that the shock waves of their fists were powerful enough to destroy planets. Goku was at the time only in Super Saiyan God.


In terms of pure Taijutsu, indeed, Naruto is undoubtedly not the most gifted Ninja (although having a more than honorable level). On the other hand, by taking into account its transformations, things are improving drastically. In Rikudo-Kuruma-Sennin mode, Naruto can destroy entire villages and even mountains with physical attacks.

It seems quite weak compared to Goku, but at no time was it said that this was its limit. He could potentially create more destruction if he wanted to. This is even truer since he can develop clones in Rikudo-Kurama-Sennin, which multiplies his capacity for physical damage. Remember that multicloning divides the chakra, but not physical strength.

In any case, with Kurama and the other Bijuus, Naruto’s chakra reserves are almost unlimited. The Databooks clearly explain that the force of Naruto, Madara, and other characters at the height of Kaguya is well capable of destroying planets. The force sealed inside Naruto is mostly capable of reducing the world to ashes.

Kurama Force

Naruto, Kuruma mode
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Physical Winner

Dragon Ball’s inconsistencies have made us a little doubtful here. Indeed, these same characters capable of destroying planets are several times wounded by swords or even bullets. However, it must be recognized that the Saiyan seems to be well above the Ninja in terms of strength.

The winner on the physical level is, therefore, Goku-san!

Goku 1 | Naruto 0

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By intelligence, we mean the finesse and the ability to analyze and adapt their approach in a fight.


The Saiyan is not known for his high intelligence. On several occasions, he has shown that he can make smart decisions in combat. Remember his Kamehamehaha- teleportation against Cell. Or his idea of staying in a relaxed Super Saiyan for passive training. It was also Goku’s idea to beam Cell to the Kaio’s planet when he wanted to blow himself up. We could also mention his many plans for the realization of his Genkidamas.

Even if it doesn’t seem obvious, our dear Son Goku is still able to use his brain in combat. But the opposite is also exact. In reality, most of the time, Goku is excessively naive, which often costs him a lot of money and forces his allies to compensate for his faults. There are so many examples that we will not mention them.

Goku Can't Someone Else Just do It hoodie


Konoha’s Ninja has progressed enormously at this stage through his adventures. From the beginning, Naruto was often forced to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents to gain the upper hand in his battles. Whether against Haku, Pain, Obito, Madara or even Kaguya, Naruto has always had to use strategy to fight (although he has often been helped by the ingenious Kakashi and Shikamaru).

Also, our dear Naruto is now Hokage, and he is called upon to think and make significant decisions involving the whole village. It inevitably affects his strategic senses of combat.

Intelligence Winner

If there is one department where we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Goku is weaker than Naruto, it is in terms of intelligence. By the nature of his abilities, Naruto is intrinsically obliged to use his brain more than Goku. The winner in terms of intelligence is Naruto.

Goku Vs Naruto: 1-1

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By abilities, we mean all the techniques our heroes have under their sleeve to defeat their opponents.


Son Goku has an extensive range of techniques. Between its multiple transformations, the Kamehameha, the Genkidama, the Ultra Instinct, the instant movement, the dragon’s fist, the immobilization (seen in Dragon Ball Super’s Broly movie) and many other things that it often brings us out on the job, it is almost impossible to list all Goku’s techniques in a short article.

Goku’s Transformations

Awesome video made by the Kame’s YT channel, about the Goku’s transformations, be sure to check his channel out!


Kage Bushin no Jutsu! We’ve all tried it in real life! Whether it’s to study for an exam or to watch two Anime at the same time! However, beyond his signature technique, Konoha’s Ninja is not to be outdone.

He also has a wide range of transformations with various attributes, but also multiple techniques such as Rasengan, Rasenshurinken, Bijuudama. Since it has integrated the chakra of all Bijuus, Naruto is also able to control all the elements.

Finally, his orbs of truth also provide him with a powerful ability: to defend against orbs or exceed them, one must use the energy of nature. So Goku’s only weapon against these orbs would be the Genkidama?

Video made by SSJ2’s YT channel about Naruto’s forms and transformation. Awesome work!

Abilities Winner

It’s challenging to find a winner here. Both characters have a lot of techniques under their sleeves.

Here, we will be cowards and say that it is a draw.

Goku Vs Naruto: 2-2

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Factor X is anything that does not fit into the other categories. It is this thing that makes you shake with fear (or joy) when you hear his name.


Kakarotto is a fighting genius, that’s obvious. Every time he meets a stronger opponent, he finds a way to surpass himself. He did it against Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Boo, Jiren, and many others.

Also, Goku is getting used to fighting. He likes to fight and meet stronger and stronger opponents. This means that he never stops training and always wants to surpass himself. He is a man who inspires fear even among the gods.


Konoha’s Ninja has continuously grown in power throughout his adventures. He managed to do things that no one had ever done before, such as controlling Kurama and the Bijuus or adding an element to the Rasengan.

He has also achieved total mastery of the Sennin mode. He united all the Ninja villages and managed to gain their trust. No doubt, he’s a great man.

X-Factor Winner

Although Naruto has made great strides in his adventure, time seems to have taken its toll. In Boruto’s early days, his fighting skills seemed less sharpened. Moreover, Naruto has always relied in part on others to demonstrate its strength. Indeed, its potential relies heavily on Kurama and Sasuke, for example.

Moreover, unlike Goku, Naruto never expressed an explicit love for fights. He always fights out of necessity, not necessarily to be the strongest. So factor X will go to Goku!

Goku Vs Naruto: 3-2

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There is no doubt that we are dealing with two extremely powerful mastodons who have nothing more to prove. However, in our opinion, if they came face to face in one single round; Goku would probably win.

His love of combat and his constant desire to surpass himself put him above Konoha’s Ninja.

Goku Vs Naruto: Goku Wins!

And you, if you had to choose one of the two to protect the one you love most, which one would you choose?

Comments (13)
August 4, 2020

Goku of course

August 8, 2020

This was clearly set up for Goku to win since even after saying that Naruto can control all of the elements meaning he could use EVERY SINGLE jutsu ever created and they still don’t grant him the Abilities win and say its a draw was just to give goku more points which in that case would of made the conclusion a draw. Not to mention that the x-factor win is also unreasonable since having an explicit love for fighting doesn’t make you more powerful.

August 10, 2020

Dude u don’t nothing about goku at all goku is billions times stronger then naruto and I will only say this to give u idea when goku was fighting cell and cell fire a Kamehameha at goku When they were level goku said to cell that it’s to much that the earth can’t handle it and remember they haven’t use there full and they we’re just fucking around and just to get it over that naruto never stand a chance and goku is a lot faster and naruto won’t keep up goku will just toy around with naruto that’s all just get more information k I’m not saying nothing bad just get more information

August 11, 2020

goku is stronger

August 28, 2020


August 30, 2020

I am a very big fan of both Anime but mostly Naruto. I grew up watching him. Goku’s funny – you know in being an idiot. Naruto’s also funny and an idiot but he’s an inspiration making me love him more. So if i were to choose one, it’ll be Naruto.

August 30, 2020

Dude you’re just blurting uncontrollably. Jeez calm down.
Even though Goku’s the strongest in the entire world, Naruto could still beat him with smarts. He could just make Goku waste his entire energy on a clone he’d in fuse chakra into while preparing a major tail beast bomb since Goku can’t sense Chakra

August 30, 2020

That’s true and by the way you can have love for fighting but it doesn’t make you more powerful than someone who doesn’t hav the love for fighting it’s unfair to put it that way

Naruto Fan
August 31, 2020

Naruto would most deftinetly win because of his intelagince heart and his ninja way he will push himself past the limits until he is pleased with not only himself but as well as pleasing his apponent!! This is why i belive Naruto Uzumaki would win!!

Holy Guardian
September 4, 2020

Ye but Goku energy was Enough to create a Galaxy so what makes you think he gonna wast His entire energy on a clones he can just fight melee that doesn’t take energy from him and what makes you rhink that taild beast would Effect him Goku Block attacks that can destroy planets solar systems galaxys what a taild beast bomb would do destroy a Mountain Mel

Sasuke Uchiha
September 22, 2020

Even though Naruto can be isn’t an alien and doesnt love fighting, that doesn’t make him weaker. Its unfair that abilities ends up as a tie since Naruto can control all the elements, and because naruto is way smarter and less naive than goku. Naruto has also shown way more determination than goku. Naruto would just use substitution jutsu and cause goku to use up all his energy in an attempt to destroy Naruto. Then Naruto would shadow clone himself and destroy goku since his strength doesn’t divide, only his chakra and with the little chakra he has left he would diminish goku with a tail beast bomb. Naruto is way sneakier than goku and would trick him into his own misery. GO NARUTO!!!

September 25, 2020

Gents… Goku solely relies on brute strength. Naruto can’t match his overpowered physical ability but he can cancel them out by infusing himself with tremendous amounts of sage power + bijuu mode+rikudou mode+he has senju powers with him now. He can use sage mode to counter Goku’s speed since it’s said to be able to sense danger from a mile away and sense all people across the world.

Naruto’s abilities that can fool goku are like, substitution, head under justu, shadow clone,

Truth seeking orbs can’t be touched by someone without six paths power, it will disintegrate him. Naruto was able to dodge light from right infront of his face. Point blank range. Fast enough to catch kaguya off guard. Able to increase his power to match an attack that could have obliterated him in a way that he wouldnt end up killing Sasuke, deflected an attack that could destroy 7 mountains at once. Able to knock out 5 tailed beasts without breaking a sweat. Can last days in a battle without running out of stamina unlike Goku that couldn’t even last 48 minutes in battle, Naruto can heal a hole you can put your hand through instantly. Can summon two grand sages that can assist him in battle n can perform a very strong geng jutsu,

In boruto he overpowered a planet buster with 38 percent chakra.

September 25, 2020

So in short Naruto is stronger than him n can win goku in style. 😜💎🍁

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