Dragon Ball Z Balls 7 Stars Crystal Full Set


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🔎 Dragon Ball Z Balls 7 Stars Crystal Full Set

Do yourself a favor and get a Dragon Ball Z Shenron 7 Stars Crystal Balls Full Set!

🐲 Character(s): Shenron, Shenlong, 7 Stars, Crystal Balls

Full Crystal Balls Set – Dragon Ball Balls x7

💡 Material: PVC

💡 Size/Diameter: Approx 3.5cm

Type: Dragon Ball Z Collectible

📦 Package: Gift Box

📍 We all know that! Getting the Crystal balls (The Dragon Balls) out of a video game is sometimes a complicated task… That’s why it’s now possible to have the 7 Dragon Ball crystal balls in your home! Decorative above all, they are real, they are beautiful and hold in the hand! It’s up to you to grant a wish!

The 7 balls are now yours and are no longer scattered around the world. There remains the question of the magic formula! Do you know her?

Some words about the Dragon Ball universe: An overpowering villain to desolder? You can count on Goku and his friends to solve the problem with Kamehameha. In the anime Dragon Ball Z, we surpass ourselves, transform ourselves, merge and even send devastating attacks that blow up planets. Fortunately, the dragon Shenron, who grants wishes, is there to repair the damage after the battle… This cult series, broadcast and re-broadcast all around the world since the 1990s, is the sequel to Dragon Ball, which told the story of Son Goku’s adventures when he was a child. Both are the adaptation of the same manga, just as essential, designed by Akira Toriyama.

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