Goku Black Potara Fusion Earrings



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🐉 Dragon Ball Z Goku Black Potara Fusion Earrings 🐉

📌 Unique Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Black earrings waiting to get added to your collection!

🐉 Character(s): Goku, Zamasu, Supreme Kais

📏 Size: 1.2cm (0.47 Inch) (Potara Earrings are adjustable)

💎 Material: Titanium Steel & Nephrite

📦 Package: Box

🍼 Age Range: 10-Year-Old +

💡 The Potara Earrings (ポタラ Potara) are pieces of jewelry usually worn by Supreme Kais and their learners. Despite being worn so casually, they have unimaginable features, allowing two individuals to fuse or allowing the wearer to utilize the Time Rings.